The face is our most striking asset. Maraga Strefa SPA experts know how to rejuvenate it, refill, smoothen and nourish your skin. We can make the shadows, lines or discolourations disappear. Try us!

Your facial treatments at Maraga Strefa SPA

Face and neck skin is most exposed to ambient factors, such as the sun, frost, wind, fumes and other substances in the air. For this reason it is more susceptible to loss of water, external damage or burns, and consequently – flaccidity, irritations, discolouration and premature ageing. This is why our complexion needs particular care and our face skin should be cleansed, deeply nourished and protected.

At Maraga Strefa SPA we have tried-and-tested method for this! Thanks to combining traditional rituals and achievements of modern technology we can offer modern regeneration and nourishment to your face.

The first step is to decide which kinds of facial treatment you will take. The choice depends on skin age, its condition, indications and counterindications as well as the customer’s needs.

Next step in rejuvenating your face is to cleanse it deeply and relax. The face can be cleansed in a number of ways, among them classical cleansing, AHA and BHA acid peel and microdermabrasion. The muscles and skin of the face can be relaxed through massage.
Massage relaxes tense facial muscles, warms up the skin tissue and softens its structure. This long-known effect facilitates absorption of nourishing, soothing, firming or regenerating substances applied to your skin.

Facial treatment – find the treatment perfect for your complexion!

Do you think that giving a glow to your face will take many weeks? Nothing like that. Maraga Strefa SPA will help you discover many kinds of facial treatment. The therapy will be perfectly adapted to your skin and so you will see spectacular effects even after the first visit. See you!