Treatment Price
Exotic care facial treatment with papaya, pineapple and pumpkin peel, and moisturising mask + relaxing classic body massage with natural mango peel preceded with peel. 400zł
Duet 2x body massage with Secret candle. 380zł
Ball peel with 30% vitamin C + body peel + manicure with classic polish 370zł
Man’s matter facial Vital C Glow + back massage + manicure 320zł
Restylane Skinbooster Vital needle mesotherapy 3 needle mesotherapy treatments with Restylane Skinbooster Vital 2400zł
Needle mesotherapy 5 needle mesotherapy treatments (1 ampule of Dermaheal HSR, CytoCare 532, StretchCare or Skin R/treatment) 2000zł
Restylane Skinbooster Vital Light needle therapy 3 needle mesotherapy treatments with Restylane Skinbooster Vital Light 2100zł

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Are you planning intensive face or body care? Do you want to give somebody you love a really valuable present? Check out current treatment packages and accumulate benefits!


Maraga Strefa SPA treatment packages: why are they a good idea?

We have composed the packages in order to ensure the best advantages for you.

  • If you buy a package, you are motivated to use all of them. No more excuses, time to take care of yourself, you deserve it!
  • Treatments in a package are cheaper even by several hundred zlotys!
  • A package is the perfect gift. If you want to give somebody you love a huge portion of pleasure and unusually valuable sets of cosmetic rituals, a package is the best choice!
  • A package is also an opportunity to spend special time with another person. Use the Duet package. Invite your husband, your mum, a friend. Relax and take care of your beauty in style!
  • Packages enable to combine the same treatments when bought in larger numbers or buy services which complement each other.


You get more with a package!

Many therapies, particularly in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, need more than one session. Some of them work better when combined with others. Long-term or combined cosmetic sessions may be costly, this is why our offer permanently includes treatment packages. Therapies combined in a package will fully meet your needs, and will help you save even a few hundred zlotys!


Check out our packages!

Comprehensive and effective facial and body treatments in packages

Maraga Strefa SPA team