Mediderma paramedical face scrub

Mediderma is a line of Spanish skin cosmetics inspired by the latest achievements in world’s dermatology and genocosmetics. Mediderma’s flagship product is a paramedical chemical scrub (acid peeling). As every kind of skin has different needs, Mediderma paramedical scrubs are manufactured in several lines.

Chemical peeling is an acid-based treatment. A series of a few sessions will refresh the skin, make us look younger, get rid of discolourations, lines and other imperfections.

Ferulac Valencia Peel

Uses a synergy of 4 acids: 10% TCA, ferulic, salicylic and 3-O-etylo-ascorbic acid (a derivative of vitamin C).
Thanks to this the treatment acts as a strong anti-ageing factor, initiates a synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres and hyaluronic acid. It effectively reduces wrinkles, discolorations and remove flaccidity, so the skin looks glowing and young.

Mediderma Argipeel

Arginin is an amino acid created during fermentation and cleaning plant carbohydrates (sugar cane). Its particles are large, which prevents any irritations. Argipeel helps to exfoliate skin, increases inter-cell transport, improves skin tightness, reduces discolourations, without itching, stinging or burning.

Mediderma Azelac Peel

Chemical peeling which greatly improves oily skin with excess sebum, acne, rosacea and discolourations.

It contains a natural peeling ingredient, namely azelaic acid, which is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It diminishes sebum production and regulates the process of epidermis keratinization, thus preventing blackheads, which plays a significant role in acne treatment. This substance also positively affects skin with rosacea, by softening it and liquidating spots and clumps. It evens skin colour and controls melanin production. It can be used all year round, also in summer. The treatment can be applied during pregnancy.

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