Beauty treatments

Some details of our beauty play a decisive role in the impression we make on others: good or bad one. Do you want to glow in every situation? Work on those details of your look which always attract attention. Are you getting ready for a special occasion? Choose your beauty salon in Poznań and the services of best stylists!


Basic beauty treatments at Maraga Strefa SPA

Maraga Strefa SPA offers you beauty treatments. The basic ones are also performed with exceptional efficiency and will considerably improve your look!


Eye contour styling

Well-shaped and highlighted eyebrows and silky, long lashes will make your look deeper and more dramatic. Professionally delineated eyebrows will make your eyes look bigger and more intriguing. Perfectly adjusted eyebrow colour highlights the beauty and makes the face look natural. We also recommend highlighting the eyes with eyelashes perfectly selected in terms of length, thickness, density or curling.
Perfectly styled eye contour makes the look younger, deep and dramatic and at the same time very natural.
Attract the looks of others. Make your eyes beautiful!

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