Face cleansing

Facial cleansing will allow you to get rid of unwanted blackheads and make your skin look fresh and delicate. See for yourself! Come to our Poznań SPA office and try classic facial cleansing treatments. The treatment involves loosening the skin with hot steam, manual removal of impurities and algae mask. Depending on the needs of the skin, the cleansing treatment can be extended with an effective cavitation peeling and sonophoresis.

Treatment Price
Facial cleansing + mask 200zł
Facial cleansing + cavitation peeling + sonophoresis + mask 240zł

Cavitation peeling and sonophoresis

Cavitation peeling Cavitation peeling is an increasingly popular method of skin cleansing. The technology uses the action of an ultrasonic wave. The ultrasonic wave in the presence of a delicate tonic creates bubbles filled with thinned air, which enlarge and burst violently. Under the influence of heat and increased pressure, there is a very thorough and completely painless cleansing of the skin from the deposited layer of keratinized epidermis, toxins and secretions of the sebaceous glands. This method does not require warming up, so it can be safely used in the care of vascular and sensitive skin. Sonophoresis Ultrasonic vibrations of low power and frequency are emitted by special heads with which the skin is massaged. Thanks to the penetration of ultrasound deep into the tissues, blood vessels expand, the blood supply to cells increases, and with it oxygen and nutrients. The permeability of cell membranes increases, which is used to remove active substances from cosmetic preparations. They are selected for the skin problem from among moisturizing, nourishing, normalizing and anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

Treatment Price
Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis 100 zł
Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis + mask 130 zł
Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis as an addition to the selected face treatment 80 zł
Cavitation peeling as an addition to the selected face treatment 50 zł
Cavitation peeling + nanomask (biocellulose mask soaked with active substances enclosed in nanosomes) 180 zł

Zamów bon

The radiant complexion is clean and silky, has a healthy color, and seems to breathe with its every cell. Do you know that feeling? Facial cleansing will allow you to regain the freshness and delicacy of the complexion. You will get rid of unwanted blackheads while gaining an aesthetic and well-groomed appearance!

Professional face cleansing in Poznań

We offer professional facial cleansing – one that will take place in sterile conditions and will be carried out by a specialist with many years of experience, using the most perfect devices available today.

In the Maraga Strefa SPA salon in Poznań, we provide optimal conditions for each treatment. We make every effort to ensure that the steps taken to cleanse the face are effective and at the same time do not cause discomfort. See for yourself!

Discover the facial cleansing treatment

Facial cleansing is intended for all skin types, including oily, combination, normal, dry, and sensitive skin, as well as for overactive couperose skin. For each type of skin, the facial cleansing treatment is modified to meet the individual needs of the skin.

The classic facial cleansing treatment includes thorough make-up removal and a gentle peeling that allows you to remove the callous epidermis. Then a preparation that softens and loosens the skin is applied to the face. Its action is enhanced by the use of warm steam. The main part of the treatment is manual cleansing and applying algae mask. The mask has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. The treatment ends with the application of a protective cream adapted to the type of skin.

Depending on the condition of the skin, the cleansing treatment may be extended with an effective cavitation peeling and sonophoresis. We cordially invite you to use our services.

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