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Take advantage of the many possibilities we offer. Give a special person an extraordinary gift – a gift voucher for treatments of your choice at Maraga Spa Zone.

Which treatment would you like to give? Choose from the list.

If you’re worried about not hitting the tastes of the recipient, choose the amount, and don’t worry about the rest!

With our help, the recipient will choose a treatment that best suits their preferences.

The gift voucher takes the form of an elegant present, ready to be handed over immediately!

The path is simple:

  1. Choose a treatment or amount from the list for which the voucher should be issued.
  2. Choose the delivery method:
    • Personal pick-up at ul. Mateckiego 22/124, Poznań
      tel. 882 166 438
    • Postal delivery to the specified address
  3. Choose the payment method
  4. Collect the voucher in person or await delivery.