Treatment Price - 1 treatment Price - 4 treatments
Face 1200 zł 3840 zł
Face+Neck 1300 zł 4472 zł
Face+Neck+Décolletage 1400 zł 4760 zł
Neck 800 zł 2720 zł
Décolletage 800 zł 2720 zł
Zaffiro Water Peel 200 zł

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Zaffiro face thermolift – scalpel-free lift

Zaffiro face thermolift is an unusually effective help to make skin firm. The treatment is particularly recommended to those whose face reveals their mature age, or if the skin has lost its firmness after a considerate loss of weight. Expect spectacular effects!


When to choose face thermolift

Zaffiro thermolift brings extraordinary effects after a comparatively short time. It is great for sagging skin, full of wrinkles. The treatment is particularly recommended when

  • nasolabial folds deepen,
  • cheeks sag,
  • face losses it clear oval,
  • skin on the neck and chest droops,
  • face reveals mature age or looks tired.


How Zaffiro thermolift works

Skin ageing  –  loss of tightness and the appearance of wrinkles – is said to be caused by weakened collagen fibres in skin. The valuable fibres can be made firm again by heating the skin as deep as dermis.

Zaffiro thermolift heats deep dermis layers with infrared rays. In a high temperature collagen fibres shorten, thus tightening and thickening skin. The effect is enhanced by inducing a faster collagen fibre production.

Due to infrared rays and a higher temperature skin gradually becomes tighter and wrinkles smoothen. A full effect can be seen very soon, after 3 – 6 months from the treatment.




Zaffiro thermolift effects

Soon after Zaffiro thermolift you can see:

  • no nasolabial folds
  • improved face oval
  • lifted chins
  • lifted skin on chest and throat
  • effects of a long-term lift
  • younger and more attractive look




  • cancers (up to 5 years after cure)
  • pregnancy/breast feeding
  • autommune diseases, slow healing of injuries and cuts
  • heart diseases, epilepsy
  • weakened immune system (HIV AIDS), immunosuppression mecidine
  • damage to nerves, neuropathy, disturbed temperature sensing
  • taking medicine (sleeping pills, diuretics, anti-depressants, ibuprofen, naproksen, psychoactive substances, codeine)/photo-sensitizing herbs (St. John’s wort, common horsetail, calendula), antibiotics
  • common acne, rosacea
  • diabetes, glaucoma, herpes, albinism, melisma
  • hypertrophic scars, keloid scars
  • haemophilia, psoriasis, eczema, wounds, bleeding in treatment area
  • fillers (up to 6 months), botox (up to 2 weeks), gold thread
  • freshly suntanned skin
  • phlebitis, pace maker, insulin pump, metal implants
  • retinoid therapy (Roacuttane) 6 months from the end of treatment, creams with retinoid – 20-week break
  • taking drugs, drinking alcohol before the treatment


Experts emphasize that this is one of the safest scalpel-free lift treatments. Customers highly value its 100% safety. It can be added that it is completely painless.

Do you want to stop ageing? Try the wonderful Zaffiro thermolift!

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