Well-looking hands and feet attract attention, help express our personality, and first of all add to a smart look. Professional manicure and pedicure require experience and precision, so if you want your hands and feet to look perfect, it’s best if you trust our specialists!


Poznań – pedicure and manicure

Care of hands and feet starts with intensive skin nourishment and improving its moisture and elasticity. Preparations which are introduced inside as well as special treatments also play a vital role in skin nourishment and regeneration.


We know that well-done pedicure and manicure not only improves hand and foot appearance, but also protects the skin from damage as well as signs of ageing. In order to provide our clients with full treatment, we use top-range cosmetics, individually selected for the skin condition and its environment. We also offer effective treatments which our clients love so much, such as paraffin and special masks.

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