Well-looking hands and feet attract attention, help express our personality, and first of all add to a smart look. Professional manicure and pedicure require experience and precision, so if you want your hands and feet to look perfect, it’s best if you trust our specialists!


Poznań – pedicure and manicure

Care of hands and feet starts with intensive skin nourishment and improving its moisture and elasticity. Preparations which are introduced inside as well as special treatments also play a vital role in skin nourishment and regeneration.


We know that well-done pedicure and manicure not only improves hand and foot appearance, but also protects the skin from damage as well as signs of ageing. In order to provide our clients with full treatment, we use top-range cosmetics, individually selected for the skin condition and its environment. We also offer effective treatments which our clients love so much, such as paraffin and special masks.

Natural nails styling – nail bar

Well-kept skin on hands and feet is the perfect background for perfectly styled nails. Giving the nails beautiful shape, colour and shine is one of the most pleasant stages in hand and foot care. Our manicurists and pedicurists know the trends and latest cosmetics inside out, thanks to which every manicure and pedicure they perform creates a gem: shiny, beautiful and lasting.

Our experts also provide advice on how to style your nails to help them grow healthy, make the hands look slim and the feet more charming.


Nail extending and hardening– gel and hybrid

We also recommend nail strengthening and decorating with hybrid and extending nails with gel. These are particularly popular services, which help enjoy beautiful hands for a very long time without suffering broken nails or nail polish fading or rubbing off. It is the perfect treatment for great occasions!



Pielęgnacja stópFoot care can be a significant challenge particularly if you suffer from ingrown nails, corns or calluses on skin. Such defects are difficult to remove on your own, so we recommend our experts! They are experienced and well-trained professionals who will help you get rid of problems and show how to care for demanding feet at home.


Try out our perfect pedicure and manicure!

Maraga Strefa SPA team

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