Treatment Price
Treatment for face and throat 280zł
Treatment for face, throat and chest 340zł
Package of 4 treatments for face and throat 1000zł
Package of 6 treatments for face and neck 1500zł
Treatment for face and neck  + mandelic acid / azelain acid 380zł
Treatment for face and neck + ferulic acid 430zł

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An electric appliance for induction and regeneration of collagen in skin. First, with NANOPORE TURBO ROLLER, we cause microperforation, which is to increase the penetration of active substances. The treatment is tailored to the client’s skin needs with a suitable serum mixture.

MESOCIT – a range of serum with growth factors enclosed in liposomes, connected with active factors, which penetrate deep into skin to work there.
NANOPORE TURBO ROLLER treatment reduces pain to minimum thanks to a low vibration level, it is also sterile, as the device uses disposable needles.


Double action:
1. Increased transdermal penetration

  • Microperforation of the stratum corneum increases the penetration of active substances

2. Repaired skin matrix

  • Increased collagen production thanks to skin’s natural repair mechanism


Double action mechanism:
1. Physical and mechanical stimulation

  • Inflammation cascade (releasing interleukins, cytokins and growth factors)
  • Improved transport between dermis and epidermis (keratinocytes and melanocytes), increasing penetration through basal lamina

2. Combination with serum

  • Individually suited treatment -> a cocktail of growth factors
  • Needle lubrication -> diminishes pain and epidermis damage
  • Transporting active substances to epidermis and dermis layer



  • wrinkles,
  • photoageing,
  • enlarged pores,
  • pigmentation disorders,
  • balding,
  • lack of firmness.


  • pregnancy,
  • breast feeding,
  • inflammation,
  • active acne,
  • autoimmunological diseases,
  • cancers,
  • herpes,
  • psoriasis,
  • epilepsy,
  • pace maker.