§ 1

General provisions

1. These regulations, hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”, specify the rules for using cosmetic services provided at the Maraga Strefa Spa salon/cosmetic office located at Teofila Mateckiego 22/124, 60-689 Poznań, hereinafter referred to as the “Salon”.

2. Salon customers are obliged to familiarize themselves with the Regulations before commencing any cosmetic treatment, hereinafter referred to as the “Treatment”.

3. Commencing a Treatment is equivalent to accepting the provisions of the Regulations. Each customer is obliged to comply with its provisions from the moment of commencing the Treatment.

§ 2


1. Any adult natural person may be a Salon customer.

2. The use of Treatments by minors above 13 years of age is allowed with the explicit consent of their parents, guardian or legal representative. The Salon employee is authorized to request the submission of appropriate consent or to make contact with the authorized person to confirm the expression of consent and to refuse to provide the Treatment in the event of a lack of consent or refusal to express it.

§ 3


1. Employees are properly trained to work in the position they occupy, as well as possess all required certificates, attestations and permits to work in a position corresponding to their position.

2. Prior to commencing a Treatment, an employee is obliged to check the condition of their workplace and ensure the availability of disposable and protective materials as well as sterilized tools.

3. Before commencing a Treatment, an employee is obliged to disinfect their workplace, hands and forearms up to the elbow height as well as reusable tools. The same actions are performed by an employee during the Treatment if its continuity is interrupted, and after the Treatment is finished.

4. Salon employees are obliged to comply with occupational health and safety and fire safety regulations.

5. Any deviations from the above rules should be reported immediately by customers to the Salon manager.

§ 4

Hygiene and safety

1. Flat surfaces and other Salon equipment with which the customer does not have direct contact during the Treatment are disinfected or sterilized at least once a day.

2. Salon employees are obliged to undergo periodic health examinations in order to eliminate any diseases, infections, illnesses and ailments that could pose a health risk to customers or be transmitted to customers.

3. Only disinfectants approved for use in a cosmetic office are used in the Salon.

§ 5

Provision of cosmetic services

  1. Before starting the Treatment, the employee conducts an interview with the client to determine whether the client’s health status, past or current illnesses, as well as their lifestyle, do not constitute contraindications to undergoing the Treatment or do not pose a risk of side effects, and to determine post-treatment recommendations.

  2. Each client is informed about contraindications, side effects, and post-treatment recommendations, and by starting the Treatment, they fully understand and accept them. In the case of the most serious Treatments and complications, the employee has the right to request written confirmation and refuse to perform the Treatment if the client does not wish to provide such a statement.

  3. Clients are obliged to notify the employee of any discomfort or contraindications that may affect the course of the Treatment, in particular: heart disease, use of a pacemaker, cancer, acute inflammatory conditions, past jaundice and other infectious diseases, pregnancy or postpartum period, prostheses or implants (e.g., intrauterine devices), taking medications that reduce blood clotting, and non-standard reactions to the sight of blood or interrupted continuity of body tissues.

  4. Permanent makeup The client is obliged to familiarize themselves with the contraindications for the procedure, which are listed on the website https://www.maraga.pl/oferta/makijaz-permanentny/ and provided during the appointment reservation. The client is obliged to inform the employee about any existing permanent makeup and to consult possible laser treatments at least 1 month before the planned procedure. If the client shows up for the Treatment with contraindications or existing permanent makeup, the Treatment will not be possible.

  5. In case of doubts regarding the safety of performing the Treatment, the employee may refuse to perform it.

§ 6


  1. The client is obliged to pay for the cosmetic services provided. The price list for the Treatments is available on the Internet at: www.maraga.pl

  2. The following methods of payment are available at the salon: cash or card payment.

  3. The salon reserves the right to conduct temporary promotions for Treatments provided in the salon. Taking advantage of a discounted price or promotional offer may be subject to separate rules that will be made public. Clients who paid the full price for the Treatment are not entitled to any claims for promotions.

§ 7


  1. Clients are fully liable for any damage to the equipment in the salon. Legal representatives of minors are responsible for any damage caused by them.

  2. The salon is not responsible for personal belongings left by the client in the salon.

  3. Failure by the client to comply with the provisions of the Regulations or to make untrue statements regarding their health status and contraindications during the interview will result in the salon being released from any liability for the Treatment performed.

  4. The salon is not responsible for the client’s dissatisfaction with the final effect of the Treatment, resulting from their subjective feelings, if the Treatment was performed professionally, in accordance with cosmetic art and in a manner consistent with generally accepted standards.

§ 8


1. The client can make an appointment for a Treatment at the Salon by phone, email, or in person.

2. In case of failure to attend the Treatment without canceling it at least two working days before the scheduled appointment, the next Treatment will require a 50% advance payment. This payment will be non-refundable if the client does not show up for the Treatment again and does not cancel it at least two working days before the scheduled date.

3. We kindly ask for punctuality for the appointment. If the delay for the appointment exceeds 15 minutes, the service may not always be able to be performed or may only be partially performed.

4. Regardless of the above, with the clear consent of the client, the Treatment may be performed even if delayed, provided that individual stages of the Treatment will be shortened at the discretion of the Employee, except for stages that have a minimum duration. The full price is due for such a performed Treatment.

5. In case of delay of the Treatment due to reasons on the Salon’s side, including the Employee’s side, none of the stages will be shortened.

6. The Salon reserves the right to cancel the appointment for the Treatment, and at the same time, the Salon will agree on a new appointment with the client.

§ 9

Gift Vouchers

1. The gift voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. After this period, it is not possible to use the gift voucher. In case of an appointment and failure to show up at the Salon at the scheduled time without at least one day’s notice, the voucher is considered redeemed.

2. No change is given when using a gift voucher, and no refunds are made. The remaining amount on the voucher can be used for the next appointment, provided the voucher is still valid.

§ 10


1. The client has the right to submit a complaint about the way the Treatment was performed or its effects within 2 days of its performance or the occurrence of undesirable effects of the Treatment. To file a complaint, proof of the Treatment performed at the Salon is necessary (receipt issued each time at the Salon after the service is completed).

2. Complaints are submitted in writing or in person at the Salon. It is recommended to attach photographic documentation to the complaint.

3. All complaints will be resolved within 14 days.

4. In case of a complaint being accepted, the Salon will refund the price of the Treatment to the client (provided that a receipt for the service is held) or enable the client to use a corrective Treatment free of charge.

§ 11

Other provisions

1. Smoking and using tobacco and nicotine products, including e-cigarettes, are strictly prohibited on the Salon premises, as well as the consumption of alcoholic beverages and other types of drugs and intoxicants.

2. Bringing pets into the Salon premises is prohibited.

§ 12

Final provisions

1. Each client has the right to access the regulations.

2. The Salon reserves the right to make changes to the regulations. The new provisions are binding from the moment of their publication at the Salon. The previous provisions apply to reservations and Treatments performed before the change.

3. Any disputes arising from the cosmetic services provided should be resolved amicably in the first instance.

4. This regulations come into effect on July 19, 2021.