Treatment Price
Pre-treatment Consultation 50 PLN
Upper Lip/Upper Lip - Package of 5 Treatments 195 PLN / 550 PLN
Chin/Chin - Package of 5 Treatments 145 PLN / 715 PLN
Beard/Beard - Package of 5 Treatments 290 PLN / 700 PLN
Neck/Neck - Package of 5 Treatments 290 PLN / 1305 PLN
Nape/Nape - Package of 5 Treatments 345 PLN / 1555 PLN
Armpits/Armpits - Package of 5 Treatments 290 PLN / 1305 PLN
Back/Back - Package of 5 Treatments 690 PLN / 1700 PLN
Buttocks/Buttocks - Package of 5 Treatments 450 PLN / 2025 PLN
Calves/Calves - Package of 5 Treatments 490 PLN / 1500 PLN
Thighs/Thighs - Package of 5 Treatments 590 PLN / 1500 PLN
Full Legs/Full Legs - Package of 5 Treatments 810 PLN / 2850 PLN
Classic Bikini/Classic Bikini - Package of 5 Treatments 290 PLN / 800 PLN
Deep Bikini/Deep Bikini - Package of 5 Treatments 390 PLN / 1100 PLN

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LightSheer® Duet™- the latest diode laser for permanent hair removal from legs, back, armpits, bikini

Our Maraga Strefa SPA in Poznań offers laser hair removal with the well-known device from LightSheer® line.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser is a device which produces a concentrated ray of intensive light. The light emitted by a diode laser is perfectly absorbed by melanin, a pigment in the hair follicles. A laser impulse, which takes only a fraction of a second, is transformed into heat, which damages the structures responsible for hair growth and this is why the treatment has permanent effect. The technique then does not consist in pulling hairs out with their follicles, but stopping them from growing again. In this way fast-growing hair is permanently removed. The energy produced by the laser is perfectly safe for people and does not affect the body functions.
What does laser hair removal consist in? Our hair goes through three stages: growth, transition and resting. The laser removes the hairs in their growth stage. Laser hair removal takes several series, because hair does not grow simultaneously. 95% of hairs are removed after three or four sessions, however, the final result depends on skin condition.

Cooling is one of the most important factors of safe and effective treatment, as not only the hair, but also epidermis contains melanin and absorbs light energy. The most effective cooling method is the so-called active cooling through constant contact with a cold object which transports the heat from the skin. The targeted follicle cells are situated about 1-3 mm in the skin. Temperature should increase for 0.2-1 sec in order to destroy them, while active cooling helps maintain a safe temperature of the skin. Sapphire, used in the latest laser, is the perfect material to produce the cooling tip, as it is an efficient conductor of heat and diode’s light. A great advantage of the latest diode lasers is Vacuum skin sucking system, which enables deeper penetration and energy absorption, at the same time making the treatment safe for those with dark or sensitive skin or prone to dilated capillaries.

Eliminating unwanted hair with a laser is recommended for all those fed up with classic razors and everyday shaving. Laser hair removal helps to enjoy the effects of no hair follicles for much longer. A bikini treatment or removing hair from legs are no longer a tedious and recurring problem. Smooth skin without irritation? It is possible thanks to this method. Check it out, it is really worth it. The comfort, particularly in summer months, is invaluable. Hair removal is recommended not only for women, also men can appreciate this treatment. More and more gentlemen, e.g. sportsmen, see the practical advantages of saying good bye to troublesome hair.

Many people wonder if laser hair removal is painful. Everything depends on the combination of hair pigment, i.e. melanin. Those with darker hair may feel stronger pain than people with fair hair. Laser hair removal of legs or other body parts can be unpleasant for clients with a low pain threshold, however, usually it is not unpleasant. Possible discomfort also varies depending on the treated body part, for example removing hair from armpits will be less pleasant than from the back. Single hairs can be removed with tweezers.

When not to use laser hair removal

As with all laser treatments, there are a number of limitations and counterindications. Failing to keep them may lead to serious side effects or complications dangerous for health. In the cases of chronic diseases consult a doctor. The situations which rule out the treatment are:

  • pregnancy,
  • fresh tan (you should stop sunbathing 5 weeks before the planned treatment),
  • using cosmetics, herbs, vitamin C pills, St. John’s wort, marigold, slimming infusions (discontinue 2-3 weeks before the planned treatment),
  • taking other medicines with ingredients that cause photosensitivity,
  • using creams with retinol (discontinue 3 weeks before the planned treatment),
  • medicines that cause photosensitivity, antibiotics,
  • peeling (discontinue 1 week before the planned treatment),
  • herpes in the spot of planned hair removal.

 Unconditional counterindications to the treatment

  • cancer,
  • epilepsy (relative),
  • photodermatoses and bullous dermatitis,
  • psoriasis, albinism,
  • active skin infections,
  • tendency to keloids,
  • previously diagnosed tendency to discolorations,
  • reticularis (mottled skin),
  • grey hair.

 Preparation to laser hair removal

  • the skin in the places planned for hair removal should be clean,
  • the skin in the treated area cannot be dry or irritated. If necessary, apply moisturising, nourishing and soothing creams a few days earlier. If the body is dehydrated, drink a lot of water the day before,
  • directly before the treatment shave the area planned for hair removal, but leave a few hairs so that we can evaluate their colour and thickness,
  • before every treatment: do not pull the hairs out (with tweezers, wax, mechanical hair removal device) for 4 weeks in the face and for 6 weeks in other places. You can shave, cut or remove the hairs with cream, although this too should be discontinued a week before the treatment,
  • medicines which cause photosensitivity and some herbs (marigold, St John’s wort, Figura infusion) should be discontinued 1 week before the treatment,
  • cosmetic face cleansing in the treated area is possible 7 days beforehand or 14 days afterwards.

 After laser hair removal

A natural symptom after the treatment is temporary swelling and /or reddening of the treated area, but they recede after several hours. Smooth armpits, legs and arms need specific and delicate care in this period. During that time (i.e. 2-3 days after the treatment) your skin must be treated with care:

  • wash it with soap-free gel or tonic or alcohol-free lotion or pure water,
  • do not use deodorants or antiperspirants (if the armpits are treated),
  • dry the skin delicately, do not rub or irritate it in another way,
  • do not start using peeling or scrubbing cosmetics until 2 weeks after treatment,
  • avoid hot baths,
  • sunbathing is absolutely forbidden up to 2 weeks after treatment. During that time protect the skin directly exposed to UV rays,
  • do not use forbidden creams and medicines between treatments,
  • do not use swimming pools or saunas until irritation stops,
  • do not pull out hairs for at least 6 weeks (at least 4 weeks in the face) – only shave with a razor.

The number of treatments necessary to obtain a permanent and visible effect is settled individually for a patient and treated area. Most patients need 2-5 treatments at average intervals of 8-10 weeks for legs and back and 4-6 weeks for other parts of the body.