A slim, fit body is everyone’s dream! Body care treatments are the third pillar of beautiful appearance, along with a balance diet and sport. To enhance the effect try the combination of traditional and modern technologies, such as manual massages and hi-tech devices treatment. Choose the perfect therapy for your body!


Maraga Strefa SPA – effective body care treatments

In our salon you can get both manual massages and treatments performed with the state-of- the-art devices used in body care, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. We will help you to get rid of fat tissue, stretch marks, cellulite and sagging skin from particular body parts. With our tailored therapies we nourish your skin and make it firm, remove toxins, restore the body to its perfect state. All this with substances based on active natural components.


Body rituals

Try our relaxing massages, which will also wonderfully improve your skin and figure. Human touch sooths our nervous system, releases serotonin and helps relax quicker. Such relaxed and warmed-up skin much easier absorbs the nourishing substances, thanks to which the effect of the massage can be seen even after one treatment.


Maraga cosmetologists carefully select the substances used during treatments. These are cosmetics rich in active components which help to detoxify the body, nourish and regenerate the skin and make it firm. The cosmetics have a very nice, relaxing fragrance, which in combination with ambient subtle music create a unique, deeply relaxing atmosphere.


Modern body treatment – modelling the body

Try our recommended body treatments performed with the latest solutions and world-class modelling devices: cellulite, stretch marks and slimming treatments, as well as nourishing and lifting ones.

Modern technology helps to firm the body and slim the figure with non-invasive, but very effective methods. They include the very highly appreciated endermologie. You can also use later solutions, such as firming, cellulite and scar reduction with EAT SkinShock device. And we particularly recommend treatments with an exceptionally effective device named Vanquish, which reduces fat tissue and models the body.