Treatment Price
Facemodeling 400 PLN

Kobido massage

Kobido massage is a unique form of massage art, which means "Ancient Way to Beauty". This ritual follows strictly defined rules based on the tradition of Chinese medicine.

Treatment Price
Kobido Massage 310 PLN
Kobido Massage with Mask 380 PLN
Kobido Up (Massage + Aesthetic Kinesiotaping) 350 PLN
Kobido Premium (Kobido Massage + Transbuccal Massage + Aesthetic Kinesiotaping) 400 PLN
Transbuccal Massage + Aesthetic Kinesiotaping 200 PLN
Package of 10 Kobido Massages 2500 PLN

Facial massage

If you have problems with wrinkles, dry or dull skin, or simply want to relax, come to our Poznań-based salon for a unique facial massage. With the massage, your skin will not only be relaxed but also smoothed and significantly nourished. Years of experience and high qualifications of our staff guarantee the highest quality of services.

Treatment Price
Facial Massage 100 zł
Micro-needle radiofrequency with electroporation
Procedure Price
Face 1000 PLN
Face + neck 1200 PLN
Face + neck + décolletage 1500 PLN
Micro-needle radiofrequency with electroporation body (Price dependent on surface area)
Procedure Price
Thighs From 1200 PLN
Buttocks From 1200 PLN
Abdomen From 1000 PLN
Arms From 800 PLN
Breasts From 800 PLN
Hands From 500 PLN
Knees 700 PLN
Radio wave with electroporation (without puncturing)
Procedure Price
Thighs 600 PLN
Buttocks 600 PLN
Abdomen 500 PLN
Arms 400 PLN
Breasts 400 PLN
Hands 300 PLN
Knees 500 PLN
Radio wave with electroporation, medical cavitation, and mask
Procedure Price
Face + neck 400 PLN
Face + neck + décolletage 500 PLN
Medical cavitation
Procedure Price
Medical cavitation 100 PLN
Electroporation with medical cavitation and mask
Procedure Price
Face + neck 280 PLN
Face + neck + décolletage 320 PLN
Trichology (medical cavitation + RF micro-needle with electroporation)
Procedure Price
Scalp 600 PLN
Nitrogen plasma
Procedure Price
Removal of first lesion 100 PLN
Removal of subsequent lesion during the same procedure 50 PLN
Procedure Price
Small 200 PLN
Large 400 PLN

Observ 520x

Zabieg Cena
Full pre-procedure consultation 300 zł


Treatment Price
Intraceuticals - Oxygen Infusion 490 zł
Intraceuticals - Oxygen Infusion with Mask 520 zł

Comfort Zone Face

Treatment Price
Hydramemory Moisturizing Treatment 350 PLN
Hydramemory Express Facial Treatment 260 PLN
Recover Touch Revitalizing Regenerating Treatment 300 PLN
Sublime Eye Patch Lifting Treatment for the Eye Area 180 PLN Price with another Comfort Zone treatment: 110 PLN

Academie facial care treatments

Academie Facial Care Treatments

We highly recommend the facial care treatments by Academie. These cosmetic rituals have been developed for various skin types with specific needs. The active ingredients in Academie products effectively target the core of skin issues, restoring a natural, healthy, and fresh appearance.
Treatment Price
Earth Touch Cleansing treatment designed for oily, problematic skin with excess sebum production. It immediately purifies and normalizes serum secretion. The propolis ampoule used in the treatment inhibits bacterial growth and prevents the formation of blackheads. 320 PLN
Blossoming Linden Vascular-constricting treatment designed for sensitive and vascular skin. It eliminates excess water from tissues and strengthens blood vessels. The ampoule with horse chestnut concentrate, cypress cone, and linden extract soothes irritated skin and reduces redness. 320 PLN
Tea Garden Treatment designed for mature skin. It contains a cocktail of active ingredients that counteract skin aging. The white tea extract with antioxidant properties and the active ingredients in the ampoule with omega 3-6-9 acids help prevent the formation of wrinkles, regenerate the skin, and stimulate repair processes. 320 PLN
Honey Temptation Intensely moisturizing and nourishing treatment for dehydrated skin. The mask with honey extract and the ampoule containing hyaluronic acid provide comfort and hydration to the skin. Fine lines caused by skin dehydration are smoothed, and the skin radiates a healthy glow. 320 PLN

Image Skincare facial care treatments

Facial Care Treatments by Image Skincare

We invite you to experience cleansing, strengthening, and rejuvenating treatments with the advanced cosmeceuticals of Image Skincare. These highly effective preparations have a high content of acids. We recommend them!
Treatment Price
Firming Transformation Facial A detoxifying treatment that gently exfoliates dead skin cells, restores radiance, and gives a healthy appearance to the skin. Thanks to the synergy of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and extracts of berries and clays (volcanic and mineral), the skin regains a natural, radiant, and youthful look. 360 zł
Acne Lift Solution A treatment dedicated to acne-prone skin, requiring regulation of sebum secretion. It intensely cleanses, eliminates blackheads, and restores radiance to the skin. 330 zł
15% Organic Peeling This exfoliating treatment utilizes the properties of papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin, whose enzymes gently exfoliate and slightly brighten the skin. The formula contains potent antioxidants - green tea extract and ubiquinone - providing the skin with reinforcement and protection against harmful free radicals. The optimal series consists of 6 treatments performed once a week. 360 zł
30% Vitamin C Peel This treatment is among the highlights of Image Skincare peels and is also the brand's signature treatment. It is suitable for sensitive skin with vascular problems. The greatest advantage of this peel is its strengthening effect on blood vessels, improving microcirculation, and its rejuvenating action. With the content of Vitamin C, it stimulates collagen production and provides protection against free radicals. After the treatment, the skin is radiant, brightened, and smoothed. 360 zł
30% Vitamin C Peel version for pregnant women 260 zł
Wrinkle lift®FORTE peel A treatment with rejuvenating, smoothing, cleansing, and regulating effects on sebaceous glands. 330 zł
50% Milk-Kojic Peel This exfoliating treatment is designed for a course of therapy to reduce pigmentation discolorations. The peel formula is based on a 50% solution of lactic acid and lightening substances - kojic acid and mulberry extract. The optimal series consists of 6 treatments performed every 7-10 days. 330 zł
THE MAX This treatment combines the action of a Vitamin C peel with the stimulating influence of apple stem cells, the latest discovery in the field of cosmetology. The treatment lightly brightens the skin and stimulates its regeneration. The skin is significantly refreshed, more toned, optimally hydrated, and radiates with a healthy glow. The optimal series consists of 6 treatments performed every 7-10 days. 360 zł
Vital C Radiance A treatment that immediately restores energy and glow to the skin. The intensely exfoliating mask smoothes the skin and gives it radiance, while the Vitamin C oil and mask provide a deep moisturizing effect. 260 zł
I PEEL Beta lift A powerful treatment with salicylic acid that effectively improves the condition of acne-prone skin. The treatment with salicylic acid provides a clear improvement in skin appearance within 24 hours, giving it a smooth look. 280zł

Endermolift - facial endermologie

Endermology ALLIANCE

Single Treatment Package of 6 Treatments Package of 9 Treatments Package of 12 Treatments
Treatment: Illuminating 110 zł 530 zł 740 zł 990 zł
Treatment: Facial Drainage 120 zł 570 zł 810 zł 1080 zł
Treatment: Decollete and Bust 130 zł 700 zł 995 zł 1240 zł
Treatment: Perfect Eyes and Lips 140 zł 750 zł 1070 zł 1340 zł
Treatment: Skin Stimulation 140 zł 750 zł 1070 zł 1340 zł
Treatment: Facial Sculpting/Firming/Anti-Aging 130 zł 700 zł 995 zł 1240 zł
Treatment: Cellular Regeneration 170 zł 920 zł 1300 zł 1630 zł
Treatment: Express 70 zł 366 zł 473 zł 630 zł
Treatment: Express as an add-on to another treatment 50 zł


Treatment Price
Microdermabrasion (face + neck) 220 zł
Microdermabrasion (décolleté) 140 zł
Microdermabrasion (face + neck) + sonophoresis 270 zł
Microdermabrasion (face + neck) as an addition to a selected facial treatment 160 zł

Microneedle mesotherapy

Treatment Price
Facial and Neck Treatment 350zł
Facial, Neck, and Décolleté Treatment 430zł
4-session Package for Facial and Neck 1260zł
6-session Package for Facial and Neck 1890zł
Facial and Neck Treatment + Mandelic Acid/Azelaic Acid 450zł
Facial and Neck Treatment + Ferulic Acid 480zł
Microneedle Mesotherapy as an addition to another treatment 220zł

Zafiro facial thermolift

Treatment Price - 1 treatment Price - 4 treatments
Face 1200 zł 3840 zł
Face+Neck 1300 zł 4472 zł
Face+Neck+Décolletage 1400 zł 4760 zł
Neck 800 zł 2720 zł
Décolletage 800 zł 2720 zł
Zaffiro Water Peel 200 zł

Needle-free mesotherapy

Non-invasive Mesotherapy TMT System®

Non-invasive Mesotherapy with TMT System® is a new method of delivering substances in the treatment of wrinkles, sagging skin, and discoloration.
Treatment Price
Face, Neck, and Décolletage + Alginate mask tailored to skin needs 250zł/75min.

GENEO Pollogen

Treatment Price
GENEO Pollogen (face + neck + cleavage) 400zł

Mediderma facial treatments - paramedical peelings

Treatment Price
Manual Cleansing for Mediderma Treatment 50 PLN

Glow for the eyes

Treatment Price
Eye Glow 130 PLN

Mediderma Ferulac Valencia

Ferulac Valencia - synergy of 4 acids effective in combating photoaging. Reduces wrinkles, discoloration, firms, and brightens the skin.
Treatment Price
Ferulac Valencia 330zł
Ferulac Valencia + Nanopore Turbo Roller + retinol 450zł
Ferulac Valencia on hands as an addition to the above treatments +70zł

Mediderma Argipeel

Treatment Price
Arginine Peel + Rose Cream Mask 200 zł
Arginine Peel + Additive: Vitamin C (brightening, adding radiance to the skin) / Resveraderm (smoothing, firming) + Rose Cream Mask 240 zł
Arginine Peel + Nanomask (biocellulose mask saturated with active substances enclosed in nanosomes) 350 zł
Arginine Peel + Additive: Vitamin C (brightening, adding radiance to the skin) / Resveraderm (smoothing, firming) + Nanomask (biocellulose mask saturated with active substances enclosed in nanosomes) 380 zł

Mediderma Retises

Treatment Price
Retises 350 PLN

Mediderma SPA Peel Classic

Treatment Price
SPA Peel Classic 250 PLN
SPA Peel Classic + Cleansing 300 PLN

Mediderma Mandelac

Treatment Price
Mandelic Acid Peel + Rose Cream Mask 170 zł
Mandelic Acid Peel + Additive: Vitamin C (brightening, adding radiance to the skin) / Resveraderm (smoothing, firming) + Rose Cream Mask 200 zł
Mandelic Acid Peel + Nanomask (biocellulose mask saturated with active substances enclosed in nanosomes) 300 zł
Mandelic Acid Peel + Additive: Vitamin C (brightening, adding radiance to the skin) / Resveraderm (smoothing, firming) + Nanomask (biocellulose mask saturated with active substances enclosed in nanosomes) 330 zł

Mediderma Azelac Peel

Treatment Price
Azelac Peel
Azelic Acid Peel + Rose Cream Mask 200 PLN
Azelic Acid Peel + Add-on: Vit.C (brightening, adding radiance to the skin) / Resveraderm (smoothing, firming) + Rose Cream Mask 240 PLN
Azelic Acid Peel + Add-on: Vit.C (brightening, adding radiance to the skin) / Resveraderm (smoothing, firming) + Ampoule with Rose Oil and Vit.E + Rose Cream Mask 300 PLN
Peeling with azelaic acid + nanomask (biocellulose mask soaked with active substances encapsulated in nanosomes) 350 PLN
Azelic Acid Peel + Add-on: Vit.C (brightening, adding radiance to the skin) / Resveraderm (smoothing, firming) + Nanomask (biocellulose mask soaked with active substances enclosed in nanosomes) 380 PLN

Mediderma Ferulac Peel

Treatment Price
Ferulac Peel
Ferulac Peel Classic - anti-aging, anti-inflammatory action. Inhibits the activity of elastase, an enzyme responsible for the degradation of elastic fibers. 290 zł
Ferulac Peel Banquet Treatment - ferulic acid enriched with concentrated serum and vitamin C powder, with an added lifting effect based on lactic acid and DMAE, completed with a biocellulose nanomask tailored to the skin type. 380 zł

Face cleansing

Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansing will help you get rid of unwanted blackheads and give your skin a fresh and delicate appearance. Come to our Poznań-based SPA salon and try our classic facial cleansing treatments. The treatment includes loosening the skin with warm steam, manual removal of impurities, and an algae mask. Depending on the needs of your skin, the cleansing treatment can be enhanced with an effective cavitation peeling and sonophoresis.

Treatment Price
Facial Cleansing + Mask 220 zł
Facial Cleansing + Cavitation Peeling + Sonophoresis + Mask 250 zł

Cavitation Peeling and Sonophoresis

Cavitation Peeling Cavitation peeling is an increasingly popular method of skin cleansing. The technology utilizes the action of ultrasound waves. Ultrasound waves, in the presence of a gentle tonic, create bubbles filled with diluted air, which enlarge and rapidly burst. Under the influence of heat and increased pressure, the skin is thoroughly and completely painlessly cleansed from the layer of accumulated dead skin cells, toxins, and sebum secretions. This method does not require heating, making it safe to use for vascular and sensitive skin types. Sonophoresis Low-power and low-frequency ultrasonic vibrations are emitted by special heads that massage the skin. Thanks to the penetration of ultrasound waves deep into the tissues, blood vessels expand, supplying cells with blood, oxygen, and nutrients. The permeability of cell membranes increases, which is utilized to deliver active substances from cosmetic preparations. They are selected for specific skin concerns among moisturizing, nourishing, normalizing, and anti-aging cosmetics.

Treatment Price
Cavitation Peeling + Sonophoresis 130 zł
Cavitation Peeling + Sonophoresis + Mask 170 zł
Cavitation Peeling + Sonophoresis as an addition to selected facial treatment 120 zł
Cavitation Peeling as an addition to selected facial treatment 80 zł
Cavitation Peeling + Nanomask (biocellulose mask infused with active substances enclosed in nanosomes) 250 zł

Massages and treatments

Body massages

Treatment Price
Body Massage
Secret Candle Massage 280 zł
Mango Butter Massage 250 zł
Body and Face Massage 320 zł
Secret Candle Body and Face Massage 370 zł
Partial Massage
Mango Butter / Massage Oil 140 zł
Secret Candle 170 zł

Saint Malo

Treatment Price
Sicily - Cleansing and Regenerating Ritual 430 zł
Japan - Hydrating and Relaxing Ritual 430 zł
Bali - Illuminating and Firming Ritual 430 zł
New Zealand - Draining Ritual 430 zł

Body scrubs

Treatment Price
Body Scrub
Grapefruit and Cranberry Salt Scrub Contains dried cranberries that have a lifting effect, slow down the aging process, and enhance their immunological resistance. The scrub gently exfoliates the skin, restoring proper hydration. 100 zł
Mango and Calendula Salt Scrub Indispensable for dry and rough skin. Mango extract provides excellent moisturization, and marigold petals have additional antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 100 zł
Lime and Algae Salt Scrub Rich in amino acids and microelements from algae (chondrus crispus) that give the skin a healthy and radiant appearance. Additionally, the aroma of lime adds energy and refreshes the body. 100 zł
Scrub + Body Massage
Scrub + Body Massage 300 zł
Scrub + Body Massage - Secret Candle 350 zł
Scrub + Body and Face Massage
Scrub + Body and Face Massage 370 zł
Scrub + Body and Face Massage - Secret Candle 390 zł

Body shaping


Treatment Price
Single treatment for selected area (buttocks/abdomen/front thighs/back thighs/arms) 500 PLN
Single treatment for entire thighs 800 PLN
4 treatments for selected area 1800 PLN
6 treatments for selected area 2700 PLN
4 treatments for entire thighs 2880 PLN
6 treatments for entire thighs 4320 PLN
4 microwave treatments for selected area + 8 sessions of 40-minute vacuum massage 3960 PLN
4 treatments for entire thighs + 8 sessions of 40-minute vacuum massage 5040 PLN

Body Zaffiro thermolift

Zabieg Cena - 1 zabieg Cena - 4 zabiegi
Hands 500 zł 1700 zł
Knee area 800 zł 2720 zł
Arms 1000 zł 3400 zł
Abdomen 1200 zł 4080 zł
Thighs - one area 1200 zł 4080 zł


Treatment 1 treatment 10 treatments 12 treatments 15 treatments
Full Body 300zł 2400zł 2800zł 3000zł
Partial Body 150zł 1200zł 1400zł 1600zł
Drainage 250zł
Relax 300zł


Classic and Regenerative Manicure Price
Biological Manicure (without nail polish) 50 zł
Classic Manicure (without nail polish) 70 zł
Classic Manicure with Nail Polish 80 zł
Classic Manicure with Vinylux/OPI Nail Polish 100 zł
French Manicure 110 zł
Japanese Manicure 100 zł
Classic Nail Polish 50 zł
French Nail Polish 60 zł
Nail Filing 40 zł
IBX System - First Application 40 zł
IBX System - Subsequent Applications 30 zł
Hybrid Manicure Price
Hybrid Manicure / French Hybrid Manicure 130-150zł
Combined Hybrid Manicure 150 zł
Removal of Hybrid Nail Polish from Another Salon 30 zł
Removal of Hybrid Nail Polish without Manicure Service 30 zł
Correction of Hybrid Nail Polish after One Week (Price per Nail) 15 zł
Gel Manicure Price
Gel on Natural Nails 140 zł
Gel on Natural Nails + Hybrid 180 zł
Extension of Nails with Gel (Using Templates) 180 zł
Gel Refill (Using Templates) 140 zł
Extension of Nails with Gel (Using Templates) + Hybrid 210 zł
Gel Refill (Using Templates) + Hybrid 180 zł
Removal of Gel + Manicure without Nail Polish 120 zł
Gel Removal 50 zł
Decoration with Gel or Hybrid Styling 20-50zł


Treatment Price
Classic Pedicure (soothing foot bath, filing with a drill, nail shaping, and classic nail polish application) 180 zł
Classic Pedicure without Polish (soothing foot bath, filing with a drill, nail shaping) 150 zł
Classic Pedicure with Nail Conditioner 160 zł
Hybrid Pedicure / French Hybrid Pedicure 180 zł - 200 zł
Removal of Hybrid Nail Polish from Another Salon 30 zł
Removal of Hybrid Nail Polish without Pedicure Service 30 zł
Correction of Hybrid Nail Polish after One Week (Price per Nail) 15 zł

Podology- specialist foot care

Experienced podologist offers a wide range of professional treatments to ensure healthy, well-groomed feet. If you have problems with cracked heels or ingrown toenails, don't hesitate - check out what podology can offer you. The podologist will tailor treatments to your needs and recommend effective home care methods. Welcome!

Treatment Price
Podoscope examination 100 zł
Relaxing podological treatment (foot bath, peeling, massage, mask) 200 zł
Relaxing podological treatment as an addition to pedicure 150 zł
Podological treatment - nail shaping, cleaning nail folds, sole abrasion with chisel or scalpel (minor calluses) 180 zł
Extended podological treatment - dermatoses - fissures, calluses, corns, keratolytic lesions 200 zł
Feet with dermatoses - psoriasis, cornification, keratolysis pincer + nail cleaning 250 zł
Nail cutting (shortening, filing with specialized tools) 80 zł
Nail cutting and filing (dystrophic nails) 110 zł
Callus removal (with dressing or offloading) 120 zł
Cracked heel therapy 140 zł
Cracked heel therapy (follow-up visit after 2 weeks) 100 zł
Small offloading with foam or silicone 20 zł
Small dressing 30 zł
Medium offloading with foam (e.g., heels or sole calluses) 50 zł
Individual offloading with silicone mass on 1 toe 50 zł
Complex individual offloading 100 zł
Treatment of fungal, dystrophic nail (onycholysis, nail growth inhibition, mechanical trauma) 150 zł
Nail cleaning plus plate reconstruction - big toe 140 zł
Nail cleaning plus plate reconstruction - toes 2-5 110 zł
First visit for fungal nail therapy 170 zł
Follow-up visit for fungal therapy 120 zł
First visit for viral wart therapy 150 zł
Follow-up visit for wart therapy 100 zł
Cryotherapy (may require dressing) 100 zł
First visit for ingrown toenail therapy (with dressing, tamponade) 170 zł
Follow-up visit for ingrown toenail therapy 100 zł
Orthonyxial brace (unibrace, titanium) 200 zł
Repositioning the brace 120 zł
Goldstadt brace 150 zł
Composite strip (with treatment) 100 zł
Tamponade 50 zł
Podological consultation plus therapy plan determination 100 zł
Mycological examination 350 zł
Nail painting 1 color/french (service with treatment) 40/50 zł
Removal of hybrid nail polish from another salon or as a standalone service without podological treatment 50 zł


Treatment Price
Daily Makeup 160 PLN
Evening Makeup 210 PLN
Wedding Makeup + Trial Makeup 450 PLN
Wedding Makeup 250 PLN
Individual Eyelash Clusters 40 PLN
Individual Makeup Lesson 450 PLN/3h

Elleebana Lash Lift

Treatment Price
Lifting + Botox + Lash Lamination 180 zł

Eyebrow lamination

Treatment Price
Eyebrow Lamination 180 zł


Treatment Price
Henna set 100 zł
Henna eyebrows with shaping 70 zł
Henna eyelashes 70 zł
Eyebrow shaping 30 zł

Eyelash replenishment and thickening

Treatment Price
Method 1:1 170 zł
Refill after 2 weeks 130 zł
Refill after 3 weeks 145 zł
Refill after 4 weeks 160 zł
Volume Lashes 2-8D 260 zł
Refill after 2 weeks 190 zł
Refill after 3 weeks 200 zł
Refill after 4 weeks 210 zł

Depileve hair removal

Treatment Price
Eyebrows 25 zł
Upper Lip 20 zł
Chin 30 zł
Underarms 50 zł
Back 110 zł
Chest 110 zł
Stomach 65 zł
Classic Bikini 80 zł
Thighs 90 zł
Calves 60 zł
Full Legs 120 zł
Hand Wax 65 zł
Forearm Wax 45 zł
Treatment Price
Consultation 50 zł
Permanent Eyebrow Makeup 1000 zł
Eyelash Enhancement (Upper Eyelid) 800 zł
Decorative Eyeliner (Upper Eyelid) 1000 zł
Shaded Eyeliner (Upper Eyelid) 1100 zł
Lip Contour with Shading 1000 zł
Touch-up within 2 years after the procedure price determined individually
Certified Aesthetic Medicine Doctor, Dr. Anna Galęba, MD
Medical Consultation 250 PLN
Medical Consultation with Same-Day Treatment Decision 0 PLN
Consultation with Prescription Issuance 300 PLN
Prescription 50 PLN
Follow-up Visit (within 4 weeks after the procedure) 0 PLN


Hyaluronic Acid is commonly used in aesthetic dermatology for wrinkle filling, lip augmentation, and facial contouring.

Treatment Price
Juvederm Ultra 2/Lidocaine 0.55 ml – 1000 zł 1.1 ml - 1800 zł
Juvederm Ultra 3/Lidocaine 0.8 ml – 1200 zł 1.6 ml – 1800 zł
Juvederm Ultra 4/Lidocaine 0.8 ml – 1400 zł 1.6 ml – 2000 zł
Juvederm Ultra Smile/Lidocaine 0.55 ml – 1000 zł 1.6 ml – 2000 zł
Restylane/Lidocaine 0.5 ml – 900 zł 1 ml - 1200 zł 2 ml - 1800 zł Returning customer: 1 ml - 1000 zł
Restylane Fynesse/Lidocaine 1 ml – 900 zł
Restylane Lyft/Lidocaine 1 ml – 1250 zł 2 ml – 2300 zł
Restylane Eyelight/Lidocaine 0.5 ml – 1000 zł
Restylane Refyne/Lidocaine 1 ml – 1000 zł
Restylane Classic/Lidocaine Restylane Defyne/Lidocaine Restylane Volyme/Lidocaine Restylane Kysse/Lidocaine 1 ml – 1200 zł 2 ml – 2200 zł 3 ml – 3200 zł Each individual filler 1200 zł Returning customer: 1 ml - 1000 zł
Juvederm Voluma/Lidocaine 2 ml – 2200 zł
Restylane SubQ/Lidocaine 2 ml – 2000 zł
Revofil Plus 1 ml – 900 zł
Revofil Ultra 1 ml – 900 zł
Revofil Fine 1 ml – 900 zł
Hyaluronidase 1 ml – 1000 zł / first 2 treatments 3rd treatment 500 zł
Products are available with or without lidocaine. Upon request, we can use products from other brands, but the price will be negotiated. However, we only use high-quality medical-grade products.

Needle mesotherapy

It all started in the 1950s when French physician Michael Pistor performed the innovative technique of intradermal injections that he developed himself. Originally, these injections were intended for the treatment of migraines and various pain syndromes. The breakthrough came about 20 years later when dermatologists and aesthetic medicine practitioners became interested in the method. In dermatology, injections were initially used to treat hair loss and psoriasis. With technological advancements and better access to skin-friendly active substances, intradermal injections have become established in renowned cosmetic clinics and top aesthetic medicine centers.

At our spa in Poznań, we offer needle mesotherapy, which allows for the delivery of valuable, active nutrients to the skin through a series of gentle injections of specially prepared vitamin cocktails. We only use high-quality and completely safe products from reputable brands. The composition of the applied substance is individually tailored to each patient and adapted to their skin's needs. Such personalized therapy is the most effective and ensures long-lasting results.

Treatment Price
1 capsule, 5 ml ampoule 500 zł
2 capsules, 5 ml ampoule 900 zł
Cytocare 715, 5ml ampoule 800 zł
Cytocare 715, 2 ampoules, 5ml each 1400 zł
Lower eyelids - swelling 350 zł / treatment
Lower eyelids - sagging, wrinkles 350 zł / treatment
Lower eyelids - dark circles 400 zł / treatment
Nasolabial fold mesotherapy 350 zł / treatment
Forehead mesotherapy 350 zł / treatment
Cheek mesotherapy 400 zł / treatment
Biorevitalization, wrinkle reduction, skin firming, density improvement, hydration, skin booster 500 zł
Pigmentation removal 450 zł
Cellulite 500 zł / 1 ampoule 900 zł / 2 ampoules
Hair loss, hair loss prevention 450 zł / 1 ampoule 800 zł / 2 ampoules
Hand rejuvenation - lightening, reduction of discoloration and age spots, skin tightening 500 zł
Lip hydration 700 zł
Tissue Stimulators
Treatment Price
Restylane Skinboosters Vital Light 1 ml - 1000 zł 2 ml - 1800 zł
Restylane Skinboosters Vital 1 ml - 1050 zł 2 ml - 1850 zł
Juvederm Volite 1 ml - 1300 zł 2 ml - 2300 zł
Prostolane Natural B 2 ml - 900 zł 4 ml - 1600 zł
Aquashine BTX/PTX 2 ml - 900 zł 4 ml - 1600 zł


Non-surgical, professional aesthetic medicine procedure, sometimes mistakenly referred to as injectable lipolysis, primarily known as intralipotherapy, is a method involving the injection of a special preparation that chemically breaks down fat cells. The fat cells, decomposed as a result of the injection, are naturally metabolized by the body. This action aims to achieve the effect of weight loss and non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring. You can undergo this therapy in our clinics in Poznan, located in the immediate vicinity of the Podolany and Piątkowo districts.

Treatment with PPC (phosphatidylcholine) preparation Price
Chin, jaw area 450 PLN / 1 amp 350 PLN / above 1 amp during the same session
Thighs (saddlebags, inner thigh), abdomen ("love handles"), area below the buttocks, area below the shoulder blades: 450 PLN / 1 amp 350 PLN / above 1 amp during the same session
Treatment with Aqualyx preparation Price
Chin, jaw area 350 PLN
1-2 ampoules 350 PLN/ampoule
5 ampoules 300 PLN/ampoule
Treatment with Prostrolane Inner B preparation Price
1 ampoule 850 PLN
3 or more ampoules 750 PLN/ampoule
Treatment with Phosphatidylcholine preparation Price
1 ampoule 350 PLN
2 or more ampoules 300 PLN/ampoule
Treatment with Cellbooster Shape preparation Price
1 ampoule 1000 PLN
3 ampoules 2700 PLN

Medical peels

The medical peels performed by us (for the face, neck, décolletage, back, and hands) have rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle effects. They help remove discolorations, treat common acne and post-acne scars, as well as facial redness. They also help combat enlarged pores, thereby contributing to the reduction of excess sebum.

Treatment Area Price
Glycolic Acid Peel 50/70% Face 500 PLN
Retinol Peel 4% Face, Neck, and Décolletage 350 PLN
Retinol Peel 4% + 2% Face, Neck, and Décolletage 600 PLN
Pyrus Malus (Apple) Peel 40-60% 250 PLN
TCA Chelate Peel 20/30% 700 PLN
TCA Chelate Peel 20/30% (Face) Face 300 PLN
Yellow Peel 650 PLN
Alfa Beta Complex Gel (ABC Gel) 250 PLN
Xylogic Peel 200 PLN
Retix C 250 PLN


What is mesobotox?

The treatment known as mesobotox is used in aesthetic medicine and combines mesotherapy and botox. The use of both techniques allows for naturally smoother skin. By simultaneously introducing vitamins, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid, the skin gains radiance and a healthy appearance long after the effects of botulinum toxin wear off. It is an effective way to improve the smoothness and elasticity of facial muscles, making wrinkles a thing of the past. The procedure provides similar results to a facelift but does not require the use of a scalpel. The effects last for a long time. We specialize in the removal of various types of wrinkles. You are welcome to visit our salon in Poznan, located near the Podolany district and Piątkowo housing estate.

Treatment Price
Mesobotox 600 - 1000 PLN

Removing discolorations

What is Cosmelan?

Cosmelan is a product used in aesthetic medicine procedures to help eliminate sunspots, melasma, freckles, and pigmented lesions.

It is also used to treat redness-prone skin by closing blood vessels. Cosmelan is a cosmetic product that effectively corrects unwanted skin changes, including blemishes. It provides a solution for removing imperfections and rejuvenating the skin by reducing wrinkles, enlarged pores, and excess sebum. Its action is based on the use of arbutin, kojic acid, phytic acid, retinyl palmitate, and ascorbic acid. In our clinic, we only use high-quality medical peels.

Treatment Price
Cosmelan Treatment + Cosmelan 2 Cream 1800 PLN
Treatment without Cream 1300 PLN
Cosmelan 2 Cream 700 PLN

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

What is hyperhidrosis?

Sweating is a natural and desirable process for our body. It helps eliminate toxins and prevents excessive heating of the skin. We sweat when we experience stress or when we are in a high-temperature environment. However, what if sweating becomes a sign of a medical condition? In such cases, appropriate treatment becomes necessary. In our aesthetic medicine clinic in Poznan, we perform effective treatments to address excessive sweating throughout the body.

Treatment Price
Underarms and Hands Azzalure/Bocouture: 1700 PLN Alluzience: 2100 PLN
Forehead, Groin, Chest Azzalure/Bocouture: 1200 PLN Alluzience: 1500 PLN
Sweating reduction (if it is not a medical condition, but the patient wants to reduce sweating, usually applicable to the underarm area) Azzalure/Bocouture: 1200 PLN Alluzience: 1500 PLN

Wrinkles removal

Botulinum Toxin Treatments are currently the safest and most effective method of counteracting mimic wrinkles, as well as one of the most popular aesthetic medicine procedures in the world. Botulinum toxin allows for achieving a relaxed, refreshed, and often softer facial expression. Smoothed skin rests, preventing the formation of new wrinkles.

Treatment Price
Forehead Area
Women Azzalure/Bocouture 600 zł Alluzience 700 zł
Men Azzalure/Bocouture 700 zł Alluzience 800 zł
Glabellar Area ("frown lines")
Women Azzalure/Bocouture 600 zł Alluzience 700 zł
Men Azzalure/Bocouture 700 zł Alluzience 800 zł
Periocular Area ("crow's feet")
Women Azzalure/Bocouture 600 zł Alluzience 700 zł
Men Azzalure/Bocouture 700 zł Alluzience 800 zł
2 Areas
Women Azzalure/Bocouture 1000 zł Alluzience 1200 zł
Men Azzalure/Bocouture 1100 zł Alluzience 1300 zł
Upper 1/3 - Full
Women Azzalure/Bocouture 1500 zł Alluzience 1700 zł
Men Azzalure/Bocouture 1600 zł Alluzience 1800 zł
Alluzience (ABO - Liquid) ABO Liquid is a facial muscle relaxation procedure using a liquid neuromodulator.
Treatment Price
1 Area 650 zł
2 Areas 1100 zł
3 Areas 1450 zł
Other Treatments (Azzalure/Bocouture)
Treatment Price

Laser hair removal – LightSheer® Duet™

Treatment Price
Pre-treatment Consultation 50 PLN
Upper Lip/Upper Lip - Package of 5 Treatments 195 PLN / 550 PLN
Chin/Chin - Package of 5 Treatments 145 PLN / 715 PLN
Beard/Beard - Package of 5 Treatments 290 PLN / 700 PLN
Neck/Neck - Package of 5 Treatments 290 PLN / 1305 PLN
Nape/Nape - Package of 5 Treatments 345 PLN / 1555 PLN
Armpits/Armpits - Package of 5 Treatments 290 PLN / 1305 PLN
Back/Back - Package of 5 Treatments 690 PLN / 1700 PLN
Buttocks/Buttocks - Package of 5 Treatments 450 PLN / 2025 PLN
Calves/Calves - Package of 5 Treatments 490 PLN / 1500 PLN
Thighs/Thighs - Package of 5 Treatments 590 PLN / 1500 PLN
Full Legs/Full Legs - Package of 5 Treatments 810 PLN / 2850 PLN
Classic Bikini/Classic Bikini - Package of 5 Treatments 290 PLN / 800 PLN
Deep Bikini/Deep Bikini - Package of 5 Treatments 390 PLN / 1100 PLN
Treatment Price
Exotic Package facial treatment with papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin peel, and moisturizing mask + relaxing classic body massage with natural mango butter preceded by a scrub. 550 PLN
Duet Package 2x Secret Candle body massage. 500 PLN
Ball Package 30% vitamin C peel + body scrub + classic manicure 500 PLN
Men's Thing Package Vital C Radiance facial treatment + back massage + manicure 400 PLN