We care about your health and abut the high quality of your services. That is why Maraga Strefa SPA is equipped with modern autoclave Woson class B used to sterilise (remove all forms of micro-organisms, both alive and endospores) from cosmetic and medical equipment. In the field of medicine and cosmetology, tools sterilisation and their protection is of uttermost importance. This process must comply with the most strict safety rules and hygiene standards.

Our autoclave guarantees sterile equipment during each treatment. We provide special packages of tools which we open in the presence of the client and which are then used exclusively in his/her treatments. Once the treatment is finished, the tools are cleaned and disinfected in certain broad spectrum liquids and then sterilised again in the autoclave.

The autoclave class B is the best tool in terms of successful sterilisation. It’s a medical autoclave which positively passed any inspections of the State Sanitary Inspectorate. Given that nowadays in beauty parlours we perform many treatments related to medicine where you can come in contact with blood and body fluids, such an autoclave is a very good solution.

Are you looking for a place where you will be certain that the equipment is sterile? Visit Maraga Strefa SPA!