Image Skincare facial care treatments

Try cleansing, boosting and rejuvenating treatments with Image Skincare cosmetics. They are highly effective and contain a high concentration of acids. Recommended by us.  
Treatment Price
Probiotic Purifying Facial Express cleansing, detoxing and restoring balance to the skin. The treatment is dedicated to problematic skin. It removes excess sebum from the epidermis and restores comfort. After the treatment sebaceous glands outlets are narrower, and the skin surface is smooth, silky and less shiny. 290zł
Firming Transformation Facial The treatment detoxifies the cells, delicately exfoliates the dead epidermis, restores glow and healthy appearance to the skin. Thanks to synergy effect of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and an extract from blueberries and clays (volcanic and mineral ones) the complexion recovers its natural glow and looks younger. 290zł
Acne Lift Solution A treatment dedicated to acne-prone skin that requires regulation of sebum secretion. Intensively cleanses, eliminates blackheads and restores radiance to the skin. 270zł
15% organic peeling It is an exfoliating treatment which uses the characteristics of papaya, pine apple and squash, whose slime and flesh contain enzymes delicately exfoliating and slightly lightening the skin. Thanks to strong anti-oxidants, namely green tea extract and ubichinone, it strengthens the skin and protects its structures from free radicals adverse actions. The optimal series is 6 treatments applied once a week. 270zł
30% peeling with vitamin C The treatment is a hit among Image Skincare and the brand flagship. This vitamin boost is recommended for clients with sensitive skin with vascular problems. Its strongest advantage is that it strengthens blood vessels, improves microcirculation and rejuvenates. Thanks to vitamin C content it stimulate collagene production and protects against free radicals. After the treatment the skin is glowing, lighter and smoother. 290zł
30% peeling with vitamin C Version for pregnant client 210zł
Wrinkle lift®FORTE peel A rejuvenating and smoothing treatment which also cleanses the skin and regulates sebaceous glands activity 270zł
50% milk-koya peeling An exfoliating treatment for reducing pigmentation blotches. The peel formula is based on 50% solution of lactic acid and lightening substances, namely koya acid and common bearberry. An optimal series is 6 treatments performed every 7-10 days. 270zł
THE MAX The treatment combines vitamin C peel with stimulating effect of apple tree’s stem cells, which are the latest discovery in cosmetology. It visibly lightens the skin and stimulates its regeneration, leaving it clearly refreshed, tighter, optimally moisturised and full of healthy glow. An optimal series is 6 treatments performed every 7-10 days. 310zł
Vital C Glow The treatment which immediately restores energy and glow to the skin. It is an intensively exfoliating mask which smooths the skin and makes it glow. An oil and mask with vitamin C deeply moisturise the skin. 210zł
I PEEL Beta lift A strong treatment with salicylic acid to improve acne-affected skin. Salicylic acid treatment ensures a visible skin improvement and smoothness even in 24 hours. 250zł

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