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Welcome to cleansing, strengthening, and rejuvenating treatments with Image Skincare cosmeceuticals. Highly effective products with high acid content. We recommend!
Treatment Price
*NEW* Illuminating & Glow Brightening and illuminating banquet treatment, dedicated to skin with discoloration, dry, sensitive, and dehydrated skin. 260 zł
Firming Transformation Facial A detoxifying treatment that gently exfoliates dead skin cells, restores radiance, and a healthy look to the skin. Thanks to the synergy of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, berry extract, and clays (volcanic and mineral), the skin regains a natural, radiant, and younger look. 360 zł
Acne Lift Solution A treatment dedicated to acne-prone skin, requiring sebum secretion regulation. It intensely cleanses, reduces blackheads, and restores skin radiance. 330 zł
15% Organic Peeling It is an exfoliating treatment that utilizes the properties of papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin, whose juices and pulp contain enzymes that gently exfoliate and slightly brighten the skin. This treatment, thanks to the content of strong antioxidants - green tea extract and ubiquinone - provides the skin with reinforcement and protection of its structures against the harmful effects of free radicals. The optimal series consists of 6 treatments performed once a week. 360 zł
30% Vitamin C Peeling This treatment is a hit among Image Skincare peels and is also the brand's flagship. This vitamin treatment is suitable for people with sensitive skin and vascular problems. The biggest advantage of this peel is its strengthening effect on blood vessels, improving microcirculation, as well as rejuvenating effect. Thanks to the content of vitamin C, it stimulates collagen production and provides protection against free radicals. After the treatment, the skin is radiant, brightened, and smoothed. 360 zł
30% Vitamin C Peeling version for pregnant women 260 zł
50% Lactic-Kojic Peeling This is an exfoliating treatment designed for a pigmentation reducing therapy. The peeling formula is based on a 50% solution of lactic acid and brightening substances - kojic acid and licorice. The optimal series consists of 6 treatments performed every 7-10 days. 330 zł
THE MAX The treatment combines a vitamin C peel with the stimulating effect of apple stem cells, which are the latest discovery in cosmetology. The treatment lightly brightens the skin and stimulates its regeneration. The skin is noticeably refreshed, more tense, optimally moisturized, and radiates a healthy glow. The optimal series consists of 6 treatments performed every 7-10 days. 360 zł
Vital C Radiance A treatment that immediately restores energy and radiance to the skin. The intensely exfoliating mask smooths the skin and makes it radiant, while the vitamin C oil and mask provide deep moisturizing effect. 260 zł
I PEEL Beta lift A strong salicylic acid treatment effectively improving the condition of acne-prone skin. The salicylic acid treatment provides a clear improvement in skin condition within 24 hours, providing a smooth appearance. 280 zł

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Firming Transformation Facial

The treatment detoxifies the cells, delicately exfoliates the dead epidermis, restores glow and healthy appearance to the skin. Thanks to synergy effect of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and an extract from blueberries and clays (volcanic and mineral ones) the complexion recovers its natural glow and looks younger.


  • Dull,
  • dehydrated skin,
  • grey
  • wrinkled

Duration: 75 minutes

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