Endermology ALLIANCE

Single Treatment Package of 6 Treatments Package of 9 Treatments Package of 12 Treatments
Treatment: Illuminating 110 zł 530 zł 740 zł 990 zł
Treatment: Facial Drainage 120 zł 570 zł 810 zł 1080 zł
Treatment: Decollete and Bust 130 zł 700 zł 995 zł 1240 zł
Treatment: Perfect Eyes and Lips 140 zł 750 zł 1070 zł 1340 zł
Treatment: Skin Stimulation 140 zł 750 zł 1070 zł 1340 zł
Treatment: Facial Sculpting/Firming/Anti-Aging 130 zł 700 zł 995 zł 1240 zł
Treatment: Cellular Regeneration 170 zł 920 zł 1300 zł 1630 zł
Treatment: Express 70 zł 366 zł 473 zł 630 zł
Treatment: Express as an add-on to another treatment 50 zł

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Facial endermology

Demand for non-aggressive facial treatment is growing, particularly for those which do not damage tissue integrity. It is a result of higher environmental awareness and interest in traditional face lift. We know how important it is to look young and we are a step ahead of trends in order to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients.

Our offer includes facial endermology performed with endermolift technique. Endermolift is a natural part of the new trend, as it is a 100% natural, biological stimulation of your beauty, which ensures incomparable effectiveness without side effects. The treatment boosts cell vitality and in effect reveals your natural beauty!

Endermolift is a serious competitor for injections! Cellu M6 Endermolift technique is performed with patented active flaps. The treatment stimulates the increased collagen and elastic fibre production, which makes the skin denser and firmer. It leaves the face smooth and glowing.


Facial endermology –Endermolift® technique

The device is equipped with a special facial treatment module. Ergolift® effectively boosts face and neck cells to produce natural collagen, elastic and hyaluronic acid.



Research confirms the effectiveness of facial ALLIANCE endermologie®:

  • Smoothing wrinkles87%
  • Glowing skin x2
  • Firming 70%

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Body endermologie

Endermologie works best on cellulite. “Orange peel effect”, as this unpleasant skin defect is often described, is caused by uneven fat cell (adipocytes) distribution in epidermis. The endermologie treatment (several sessions are the best option) helps not only to prevent cellulite, but also reduce its visible symptoms. Thus ladies can reduce cellulite and enjoy their smooth body. What does the procedure look like? It is completely painless. Right before the treatment you put on a special suit which protects the body from the device head. The pressure created by the device rolls the selected skin layer. The rejuvenating treatment uses drainage to supply more oxygen to superficial tissues, boost metabolism and model the body. Toxin decrease is an additional advantage of modelling and muscle stimulation can help reduce annoying pains.

Maraga Strefa Spa, located between Poznań districts of Piątkowo and Podolany, very close to Suchy Las, performs professional endermologie, which will help you make your dream come true and achieve a perfect body.

Counterindications to endermologie

There are a number of conditions which rule out the possibility to use endermologie. The treatment is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Other counterindications include varices, active cancer, abdominal hernia and taking blood thinners.