Treatment Price
Eyebrows 20zł
Upper lip 15zł
Chin 20zł
Armpits 40zł
Back 100zł
Torso 100zł
Stomach 60zł
Classic bikini 70zł
Thighs 80zł
Calves 50zł
All legs 100zł
Wax on hands 60zł
Wax on forearms 40zł

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Depileve wax hair removal

Do you need fast, but lasting hair removal on your body or face immediately? Choose Depileve. Depileve waxing is in our opinion the most effective way to remove hair quickly, thoroughly and for a long time. We recommend it to everybody who for various reasons does not use laser hair removal.


What is waxing

Before laser hair removal waxing was the most effective method to remove unnecessary hair. Currently it is still a favourite with all those who cannot use laser hair removal or decide against it.
Warm wax is spread over the skin so that it clings to the hairs and then skilfully removed along with the hairs and bulbs.
The hairs removed so grow back only after 2 to 5 weeks. It is worth noting that every subsequent growth is weaker and thinner.


Waxing counterindications

  • dilated capillaries or varices,
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • allergy to wax,
  • folliculitis,
  • skin inflammation and pyoderma,
  • too short hair,
  • the skin directly after exposure to sun or UV rays.


How to prepare for waxing

  • the hairs should be at least 5 mm long,
  • do not rub oily substances into the skin before the treatment,
  • moisture the skin before the treatment,


How to take care of your skin after Depileve waxing

Recommendations after treatment:

  • regular application of scrubs (in order to prevent hairs growing under the skin),
  • moisturising the skin,
  • using sunblock,
  • using cosmetics which delay hair growth.