Treatment Price
Daily Makeup 160 PLN
Evening Makeup 210 PLN
Wedding Makeup + Trial Makeup 450 PLN
Wedding Makeup 250 PLN
Individual Eyelash Clusters 40 PLN
Individual Makeup Lesson 450 PLN/3h

Zamów bon

Make-up for unusual occasions

Every time is good for a spectacular makeover. Every opportunity is the best one to show your beauty in an extraordinary version. Check out our make-up zone!
We know every bride wants to look stunning for her beloved and the wedding guests. It is obvious we want to feel beautiful at our own wedding, and then proudly show our wedding photos to family and friends.
At Maraga SPA we provide professional and timeless make-up suited to your beauty type with consideration for the prevailing colour of the occasion. We use only professional brands of cosmetics, and everyday and evening make-up are fixed with special, skin-friendly substances. Thus we guarantee that you will remain beautiful throughout the wedding.
Maraga SPA stylists are well-trained specialist with wide experience and, moreover, ladies of impeccable taste, understanding others’ needs. When selecting the colours we remember the flowers and accessories, creating unique make-up, highlighting feminine subtlety.
Day light makes every detail of our face visible, including those we would rather hide. This is why, if we are planning a wedding photo outdoor session, it is vital to select the proper cosmetics and the proper technique of make-up, suited for the situation.
At Maraga SPA we listen, advise and share the knowledge. Before we put on make-up, we learn about the client’s needs and details of the session, wedding ceremony or wedding reception. Visit our salons in Poznań (convenient connections from Piątkowo and Podolany).

Make-up for every day and for special occasions

We recommend make-up performed by a stylist, make-up artist who will analyse your beauty and choose a fitting range of cosmetics colours as well as the most advantageous shades. Every kind of make-up has its characteristics, must be fitted for the occasion, type of beauty and personality of the client. Professionals guarantee not only the choice of the best image, but skilfully correct defects and highlight assets of the face.

We offer everyday, photo and business make-up as well as make-up for special occasions, such as receptions, balls, weddings (trial wedding make-up is possible, too). We also offer men’s make-up. An unusual offer is vintage make-up, very popular with our clients: the make-up which makes them look like people back in 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s etc. Other very interesting offers are glitter or fashion make-up.
Make-up lovers can use our individual training in make-up and individual choice of cosmetics. A session with a make-up artist takes 2.5 hours and provides you with a substantial dose of knowledge on the ways to highlight your beauty.

Evening make-up

If you are getting ready for a great occasion and want to be the star, choose make-up suited to your dress and natural characteristics of your face. You will look stunning, feel confident and thanks to this you will have a great time. Professional cosmetics ensure long-lasting effect, so you can enjoy immaculate look all through the party until dawn. There are many occasions that make us want some flamboyance, stun and surprise others with your make-up. Maraga salons can perfectly suit the colours to the occasion and create the perfect make-up for New Year’s Eve, carnival, or a birthday party. Create your image for this unique evening that will attract every eye and feel exceptionally good.

Eyelash tufts

We offer express eyelashes thickening and highlighting make-up with lash tufts. They look natural and last pretty long. They will definitely last through an evening out, and with due care they can add expression to your look for a dozen days.