Treatment Price
Henna set 100 zł
Henna eyebrows with shaping 70 zł
Henna eyelashes 70 zł
Eyebrow shaping 30 zł

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Is your face losing expression, are you irritated with the need to improve your look every day? Try our henna and other eye contour treatments. Natural can look beautiful!


Henna on eyebrows and eyelashes

Henna is a way to darken or change the shade of eyebrow and eyelash hairs with natural dye. It occurs in many colours, so you can easily find a shade matching your hair and look really naturally.

Treatment effects

The effect of deepened eyebrow and eyelash colour lasts from 3 to 4 weeks on lashes and slightly shorter on eyebrows. After this time the treatment should be repeated. Henna fades gradually and evenly, so there is no risk of losing a visual symmetry to the face.

Who is henna recommended for

Henna is recommended for those with subdued natural colour of eyebrows and eyelashes, those who changed hair colour to soften the contrast between the face and hair, also for the ladies who dislike applying make-up every day or cannot do it (e.g. due to frequent baths, working conditions which render make-up impossible, etc.).

Henna is a good solution for spring and summer, when we often skip full make-up for a natural look.


Who should not use henna

Henna should not be applied if any allergic reaction occurs.