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Eyebrow Lamination 180 zł

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Eyebrow lamination Poznań

Eyebrow lamination involves changing the shape and direction of hair growth. Thanks to the action of thioglycolic acid used during the treatment, the cuticle of the hair becomes more flexible and more susceptible to positioning in the direction chosen by us.

The treatment is performed with the help of a skin-safe permanent wave substance, a neutralizing cream and a moisturizing treatment to relax and direct the hair to the desired area. Such loosened hair seems longer and thicker, which gives us the effect of a full shape. After the treatment, the eyebrows are soft, shiny and easy to style. In addition, a special substance is applied that dyes the hair to a natural shade.

Eyebrow lamination is an ideal procedure for people with stiff, unruly, directed down, curly, difficult to style hair, where the eyebrows are excessively shaped to the side, giving the effect of thin and narrow with defects and thinning, or simply for people who like to have beautiful eye contour and use modern styling.

Eyebrow lamination takes about 60 minutes and the effects last for about 4-6 weeks. The durability can be extended by careful and appropriate face care. In the first hours, it is recommended to avoid water, steam, sweat and any skin care products around the eyes. In addition, it is recommended to give up cosmetics with retinol, acids and the use of peels. For the following days, you should comb and moisturize your eyebrows with various oils, e.g. argan, castor or avocado oil.

Contraindications to the procedure:

  • Chemical ingredients can irritate the delicate skin around the eyes, leading to redness, burning and dryness
  • fresh or unhealed permanent makeup
  • allergy to ingredients contained in preparations
  • allergic, fungal, viral, bacterial conditions
  • taking antibiotics, pregnancy
  • eyebrow lamination done recently (the interval from the next treatment should be about 6 weeks)
  • henna dyeing treatment and adjustment a few days earlier
  • bad condition of the hair, lack of hair or a small amount