Treatment Price
Lifting + botox + eyelash lamination 150zł

Zamów bon

Lash Lifting dramatizes the look, makes eyelashes longer, thicker and darker.
After the treatment the eyelashes are curly, thicker and nourished. The treatment effects last all the lashes natural life cycle, which can be up to 90 days.
In order to maintain the effect of the treatment for a long time, you must take good care of your lashes.

Within 24h after the treatment DO NOT:

  • use mascara
  • use a swimming pool, sauna, sun bed
  • use a blow-dryer
  • approach steam
  • sleep in a position which could deform the lashes



  • pregnancy
  • cancer, chemotherapy
  • skin diseases
  • eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome)
  • eye infection
  • eye surgery
  • blepharitis
  • conjunctivitis
  • streaming eyes
  • excess eyelashes loss
  • allergies to substances used during the treatment


Duration: 1.5 h.