Treatment Price
Method 1:1 170 zł
Refill after 2 weeks 130 zł
Refill after 3 weeks 145 zł
Refill after 4 weeks 160 zł
Volume Lashes 2-8D 260 zł
Refill after 2 weeks 190 zł
Refill after 3 weeks 200 zł
Refill after 4 weeks 210 zł

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Silky, long, curly – extended and thickened eyelashes add charm to the face, and depth and expression to the eyes. Flirtatious? Maybe penetrating? Which look will you choose?


Eyelash extension and thickening

Eyelash extension and thickening is a treatment performed by professionals in the salon. It takes high concentration, skill, and experience. Our eyelash stylists have the best substances which guarantee durability and the immaculate, very natural look of your eyelashes. The methods used by specialists, as well as top-quality false eyelashes, have earned the trust of innumerable satisfied clients. Professional eyelash care and styling have never been so simple.


Which eyelashes to choose

The eyelashes used to thicken lashes in beauty salons differ in color (you can select different shades of black intensity or else a totally unnatural color, like the blue, red, or purple), size (different lengths of available lashes), thickness and profile – they can be very curly, curly or straight. Every client will be able to boast perfect, tempting lashes.
Eyelashes are suited to the type of face, the shape of the eye, client’s preferences. Several lengths are applied to the eye, and they are placed in a specific manner to obtain the desired effect (e.g. cat’s eyes, doll’s eyes, fox’s eyes, or a natural look). What does the popular thickening method consist of?


1:1 eyelashes thickening

The basic eyelashes styling treatment is 1:1 thickening. The treatment consists of gluing one false lash to one natural lash. The effect can be different depending on the thickness and profile of the false eyelashes used.


2:1, 3:1 eyelashes thickening

For the ladies with very sparse lashes we recommend 2:1 or 3:1 thickening. Remember that fixing more than one lash to one natural lash is recommended only for those with strong natural lashes, which will not be weakened by the load. After such thickening, a feeling of a heavy eyelid is only natural, but the eye quickly gets used to new lashes.


Advantages of thickened and extended eyelashes

The treatment guarantees a beautiful look at any time. The eye is always expressive, highlighted, without the need for additional make-up. The professionally performed treatment does not weaken natural lashes, and the effect lasts even up to 6 weeks! Another asset is saving the time spent on make-up. Moreover, no available mascara gives such a spectacular effect of thickened and extended lashes.


After-treatment care

Extended and thickened lashes should not be oiled, so avoid oily cosmetics. Use delicate make-up removal and regularly brush your eyelashes. The first two days after the treatment are crucial. It is best not to go swimming, sunbathing or use a sauna. Thanks to this you will obtain your results sooner. On the first night after the treatment sleeping on the back is recommended. Mascara and gluing additional false eyelashes as well as styling them are unnecessary and so they should be avoided. You can safely apply other cosmetic treatments to your face after 48 hours.


Eyelashes extending and thickening – counterindications

  • allergic reaction to the substances used,
  • dry eye,
  • glaucoma,
  • cataract,
  • conjunctivitis,
  • barley
  • stye,
  • herpes.

The canon of female beauty in many cultures includes large eyes and expressive look from under long and thick natural eyelashes. Extending and thickening them with the methods offered by experienced specialists will help achieve such a desired effect. Only professional cosmetologists and stylists will ensure safety and satisfying effects. So come to Poznań and Maraga Strefa Spa, which offers its clients a staggering array of professional treatments, including 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 eyelashes thickening.

Professional eyelash extensions – available methods

Specialized eyelash extensions in Poznań are recommended to women who are not helped by traditional home methods to improve the condition of their eyelashes together with popular supplements and cosmetics, but also for those who naturally have short, weak eyelashes. Our clients decide on professional eyelash extensions when they want them to be curled, underlined, and more defined, optically enlarging the eye. Eyelash styling in our SPA in Poznań includes such treatments as the use of the 1: 1 method with supplementation after a few weeks (2, 3, 4 weeks) and Volume Lashes 2-8D (also with the possibility of refilling). Importantly, if our client does not know or is not sure which method of professional eyelash extension will be the best for her, we offer help and advice. Before we start the treatment, we always inform the client in detail what the 1: 1 eyelash extension and Volume Lashes 2-8D method are all about. We work with the highest quality materials so that the effect we achieve together with the client always satisfies her.

A look tailored to you!

Professional cosmetic treatment, which is eyelash extension in our SPA in Poznań, is an effective and very popular way to emphasize the look and emphasize the beautiful eye frame. During the procedure, our cosmetologist together with the client selects, among others color, thickness as well as size and profile of eyelashes, also matching them to the type of beauty to make the whole look the best The treatment can have a different effect each time, thanks to joint arrangements also in terms of the arrangement of the eyelashes (e.g. doll’s eyes, fox, natural look). After a few weeks of lash extensions at Maraga Strefa Spa in Poznań, it will be necessary to supplement them so that the look is still aesthetic, nice, and well-groomed. They can be performed after two weeks at the earliest, and after four weeks at the latest.