Classic and Regenerative Manicure Price
Biological Manicure (without polish) 40 zł
Classic Manicure (without polish) 50 zł
Classic Manicure with Nutritional Polish 60 zł
Classic Manicure with Vinylux/OPI Polish 80 zł
French Manicure 90 zł
Japanese Manicure (60 minutes) 80 zł
Regular Nail Polish 40 zł
French Nail Polish 50 zł
Nail Filing 20 zł
IBX System - Initial Application 30 zł
IBX System - Subsequent Applications 20 zł
Hybrid Manicure Price
Hybrid Manicure/Hybrid French Manicure 110 zł/130 zł
Combined Hybrid Manicure 130 zł

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Gel Color OPI manicure: beautiful, well-kept hands

Hands are our asset: smooth skin, perfectly shaped nails, slim silhouette are the advantages which we can obtain thanks to a manicure treatment.

Hand skin care

Hand skin is exposed to many harmful factors: frost, sunrays, wind, but also detergents and other chemicals. Our spa offers regeneration treatments, using cosmetics rich in regenerative substances, which nourish the hand skin and make it tighter.

Kinds of manicure

We offer a wide range of various kinds of manicure. During the treatment we use only brand cosmetics, which guarantee a lasting and immaculately beautiful look for a long time.