Treatment Price
Classic Pedicure (soothing foot bath, filing with a drill, nail shaping, and classic nail polish application) 180 zł
Classic Pedicure without Polish (soothing foot bath, filing with a drill, nail shaping) 150 zł
Classic Pedicure with Nail Conditioner 160 zł
Hybrid Pedicure / French Hybrid Pedicure 180 zł - 200 zł
Removal of Hybrid Nail Polish from Another Salon 30 zł
Removal of Hybrid Nail Polish without Pedicure Service 30 zł
Correction of Hybrid Nail Polish after One Week (Price per Nail) 15 zł

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Medical pedicure: well-kept, smooth feet

The feet with perfectly smooth, soft skin is the ideal we strive to achieve all the time. In our salon we restore the feet their beautiful, well-kept look and provide comfort of smooth, delicate foot skin.


Foot care

Foot skin is prone to intensive cornification, which is the body’s natural defence against injury or excessive wear of the epidermis. However, sometimes the cornification is so strong that it adversely influences the look and comfort of the feet.

Foot care involves mainly removing excess calloused epidermis and corns and restoring softness to the skin by applying moisturizing and nourishing cosmetics. The final touch is giving the nails a proper, healthy shape.


Cosmetic pedicure

Cosmetic pedicure is the treatment during which calloused epidermis is removed with an electric file. The first stage is preparing the feet for the treatment, i.e. bathing the feet in water with cosmetic salts; then calloused epidermis is removed.

Cosmetic pedicure also involves shaping and polishing the nails.

The last stage is applying cosmetics that ensure lasting refreshing, moisturising and nourishing of foot skin.