An experienced podologist offers a wide range of professional treatments, thanks to which you will enjoy healthy, well-kept feet. If you are troubled by cracked heels or ingrowing nails, do not wait, check out how podology can help you. A podologist will recommend you the best treatment for your needs as well as effective treatment methods which can be also used at home. Try them out!

Treatment Price
Medical pedicure without painting 150 zł
Medical pedicure with painting 170 zł
Treating soles (with electric file) 60 zł
Removing hyperkeratosis (thickening of stratum corneum) 75 zł
Anti-hyperhidrosis treatment for feet 90 zł
Nail cutting and filing 50 zł
Nail shortening 20 zł
Removing a callous /corn 30 zł
Reconstruction of a nail plate 50 zł
Cleansing a nail plate 50 zł
Therapy for cracked heels (one foot) 50 zł
Removal of nail reconstruction, cleansing it and putting a new reconstruction:
Big toe 80 zł-100 zł
Small toe 50 zł
Removing corn + relieving 40 zł
Treating the nails (shortening and filing, removing cuticles) + ordinary painting 60 zł
Nail treatment + painting with Vinylux 70 zł
Nail treatment + painting with OPI gel 90 zł
Correction of ingrown nail:
Tamponade 25 zł
Sulci-Protector tubes 40 zł
B/S Quick plastic braces 55 zł
Onlyclip metal braces 55 zł
Correction of ingrowing nail – ARKADA’S METHOD – the only method in the world which for 100 %gets rid of the ingrowing nail problem:
Consultation 75 zł
Arkada’s cube for the big toe (granulation, effusion, swelling) 500 zł
Arkada’s cube for the big toe (inflammation, effusion, swelling) 400 zł
Arkada’s cube for the big toe (bilateral inflammation) 300 zł
Arkada’s cube for a small toe (swelling, inflammation) 150 zł
Arkada’s cube for a small toe (granulation, effusion, swelling) 200 zł
Check-up appointment after Arkada’s cube application 50 zł
Correction of Arkada’s cube for the big toe 150 zł
Correction of Arkada’s cube for a small toe 100 zł
Gehwol polymer gel orthotics:
Protective cushion pad for the forefoot 45 zł
Protective cushion pad for hammer toes 25 zł
Toe pad 20 zł
Toe correcting ring 14 zł
Protective hallux pad 32 zł
Protective toe ring 12 zł
Toe spreader 10 zł
Toe corrector 12 zł
Toe separator 12 zł

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Are you struggling with ingrowing nails, calluses and corns? Do you have a diabetic foot? Then visit our podology salon. We can guarantee professional and effective treatment which will make your feet healthy and beautiful!


Podological treatments

Podologists professionally remove calloused epidermis, corns and callouses, they can shorten even very hard nails. Podology also deals in nail plate reconstruction, removing cracks in heels, putting orthoses and other kinds of dressing.


Who should use podologist’s help

Podologist’s help is necessary for those with limited mobility, diabetic foot, rheumatoid arthritis or hyperhidrosis.