Experienced podologist offers a wide range of professional treatments to ensure healthy, well-groomed feet. If you have problems with cracked heels or ingrown toenails, don't hesitate - check out what podology can offer you. The podologist will tailor treatments to your needs and recommend effective home care methods. Welcome!

Treatment Price
Podoscope examination 100 zł
Relaxing podological treatment (foot bath, peeling, massage, mask) 200 zł
Relaxing podological treatment as an addition to pedicure 150 zł
Podological treatment - nail shaping, cleaning nail folds, sole abrasion with chisel or scalpel (minor calluses) 180 zł
Extended podological treatment - dermatoses - fissures, calluses, corns, keratolytic lesions 200 zł
Feet with dermatoses - psoriasis, cornification, keratolysis pincer + nail cleaning 250 zł
Nail cutting (shortening, filing with specialized tools) 80 zł
Nail cutting and filing (dystrophic nails) 110 zł
Callus removal (with dressing or offloading) 120 zł
Cracked heel therapy 140 zł
Cracked heel therapy (follow-up visit after 2 weeks) 100 zł
Small offloading with foam or silicone 20 zł
Small dressing 30 zł
Medium offloading with foam (e.g., heels or sole calluses) 50 zł
Individual offloading with silicone mass on 1 toe 50 zł
Complex individual offloading 100 zł
Treatment of fungal, dystrophic nail (onycholysis, nail growth inhibition, mechanical trauma) 150 zł
Nail cleaning plus plate reconstruction - big toe 140 zł
Nail cleaning plus plate reconstruction - toes 2-5 110 zł
First visit for fungal nail therapy 170 zł
Follow-up visit for fungal therapy 120 zł
First visit for viral wart therapy 150 zł
Follow-up visit for wart therapy 100 zł
Cryotherapy (may require dressing) 100 zł
First visit for ingrown toenail therapy (with dressing, tamponade) 170 zł
Follow-up visit for ingrown toenail therapy 100 zł
Orthonyxial brace (unibrace, titanium) 200 zł
Repositioning the brace 120 zł
Goldstadt brace 150 zł
Composite strip (with treatment) 100 zł
Tamponade 50 zł
Podological consultation plus therapy plan determination 100 zł
Mycological examination 350 zł
Nail painting 1 color/french (service with treatment) 40/50 zł
Removal of hybrid nail polish from another salon or as a standalone service without podological treatment 50 zł

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Are you struggling with ingrowing nails, calluses and corns? Do you have a diabetic foot? Then visit our podology salon. We can guarantee professional and effective treatment which will make your feet healthy and beautiful!


Podological treatments

Podologists professionally remove calloused epidermis, corns and callouses, they can shorten even very hard nails. Podology also deals in nail plate reconstruction, removing cracks in heels, putting orthoses and other kinds of dressing.


Who should use podologist’s help

Podologist’s help is necessary for those with limited mobility, diabetic foot, rheumatoid arthritis or hyperhidrosis.