Micro-needle radiofrequency with electroporation
Procedure Price
Face 1000 PLN
Face + neck 1200 PLN
Face + neck + décolletage 1500 PLN
Micro-needle radiofrequency with electroporation body (Price dependent on surface area)
Procedure Price
Thighs From 1200 PLN
Buttocks From 1200 PLN
Abdomen From 1000 PLN
Arms From 800 PLN
Breasts From 800 PLN
Hands From 500 PLN
Knees 700 PLN
Radio wave with electroporation (without puncturing)
Procedure Price
Thighs 600 PLN
Buttocks 600 PLN
Abdomen 500 PLN
Arms 400 PLN
Breasts 400 PLN
Hands 300 PLN
Knees 500 PLN
Radio wave with electroporation, medical cavitation, and mask
Procedure Price
Face + neck 400 PLN
Face + neck + décolletage 500 PLN
Medical cavitation
Procedure Price
Medical cavitation 100 PLN
Electroporation with medical cavitation and mask
Procedure Price
Face + neck 280 PLN
Face + neck + décolletage 320 PLN
Trichology (medical cavitation + RF micro-needle with electroporation)
Procedure Price
Scalp 600 PLN
Nitrogen plasma
Procedure Price
Removal of first lesion 100 PLN
Removal of subsequent lesion during the same procedure 50 PLN
Procedure Price
Small 200 PLN
Large 400 PLN

Zamów bon

Intraject by Biotec Italia is certified state-of-the-art medical equipment. With a wide range of the latest technologies, it allows for deep skin rejuvenation of the face, body, and scalp.

The equipment available at Maraga Spa Zone enables procedures such as micro-needle radiofrequency with electroporation, radio wave with electroporation, medical cavitation, and nitrogen plasma. Its significant advantage lies in the extremely short recovery period and the ability to perform procedures throughout the year.

Intraject offers skin renewal without surgical intervention. It provides skin tightening and wrinkle filling in the treated area. The skin becomes taut and elastic, and the facial contour improves significantly. This is achieved through increased activation of fibroblasts for collagen and elastin production, elevation of skin moisture levels by stimulating hyaluronic acid production, and enhancing the effectiveness of active ingredient supplementation in the skin.

Micro-needle Radiofrequency with Electroporation:

This innovative anti-aging treatment allows for the creation of regular micro-injuries to the skin with titanium needles, combined with monopolar radiofrequency diathermy and the introduction of ionized ingredients directly into the dermis. The controlled mechanical skin damage aims to initiate the repair process and stimulate skin regeneration.

Medical Cavitation Peeling:

This procedure is characterized by its strong action due to the ability to use high treatment parameters. The procedure effectively cleanses the skin of imperfections, restoring balance and regulating keratinization and desquamation.

Nitrogen Plasma:

This technology utilizes nitrogen found in the air. The generated plasma energy, resulting from the ejection of electrons from the atomic nucleus, creates an effective tool for combating fibroids or viral warts. It is used to act selectively on the skin, evaporating various epidermal lesions.


It utilizes low-intensity currents that create new extracellular pathways and directly affect the skin, temporarily increasing tissue permeability for a wide range of active substance molecules, such as amino acids, vitamins, or hyaluronic acid. This achieves the effect of chemical skin stimulation.

Radio Wave with Electroporation:

The technological breakthrough of combining radiofrequency with electroporation ensures increased skin tension, density, and moisture, as well as enhanced durability of the results obtained in anti-aging therapy compared to radiofrequency alone. The procedure allows for uniform heating of successive skin layers, enabling real influence on collagen and elastin modulation, aiming to shorten protein fibers and achieve skin densification and improved quality. The effect typically appears from several weeks to 3 months after the procedure.


– Reduction of superficial and deep wrinkles
– Smoothing of skin surface and structure
– Scar therapy
– Reduction of pigmentation
– Facial contouring
– Neck lifting
– Improvement of the appearance of stretch mark-affected skin
– Scalp therapy (trichology)
– Removal of skin lesions such as fibroids, viral warts
– Skin cleansing and revitalization


– Cancer (up to 5 years after therapy)
– Diabetes
– Pacemaker/heart failure
– Hemophilia
– Retinoid therapy
– Thrombosis, vein inflammation, hypertension, hypotension
– Pregnancy, lactation
– Rheumatoid arthritis
– Plastic surgery (minimum 1 year)
– Botox and fillers (minimum 1 month)