Correction of ingrown nails

Ingrown toenails concern mainly the big toe, often chronic in nature, making it difficult to walk, and function. The problem of ingrown nails is excessive and persistent oppression of the edge of the nail on the surrounding embankments, resulting in the production of inflammation. Ortonychia brings very good results in the correction of ingrown nails (establishing clamps).

Depending on the stage of the ingrown nail an optimum correction method is selected:

Treatments Price
Tamponade (1 toe). Duration: 20 min 25 PLN
Protective tubes Sulci-Protector. Duration: 40 min 30 PLN
Plastic clamps B/S Quick. Duration: 50 min 55 PLN
Metal clamps Onlyclip. Duration: 50 min 55 PLN


Before putting the correction clamps it is advisable to perform medical pedicure to prepare your fingernail to set the clamp (at least 2 days in advance). Before and after the surgery do not wash feet for 12 hours.