Mediderma Ferulac Valencia Peel

Ferulac Valencia - a synergy of 4 acids effective in fighting photoaging. It reduces wrinkles, discoloration, firms and illuminates the skin.
Treatment Price
Ferulac Valencia 300 PLN
Ferulac Valencia + Nanopore Turbo Roller + retinol 400 PLN
Ferulac Valencia for hands as an addition to the above treatments +60 PLN

Zamów bon

Ferulac Valencia Peel uses a synergy of 4 acids: 10% TCA, ferulic, salicylic and 3-O-etylo-ascorbic acid (a derivative of vitamin C).
Thanks to this the treatment acts as a strong anti-ageing factor, initiates a synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres and hyaluronic acid. It effectively reduces wrinkles, discolorations and remove flaccidity, so the skin looks glowing and young.


  • photo-ageing,
  • discolorations,
  • wrinkles,
  • flaccidity,
  • loss of glow.