It all started in the 1950s when French physician Michael Pistor performed the innovative technique of intradermal injections that he developed himself. Originally, these injections were intended for the treatment of migraines and various pain syndromes. The breakthrough came about 20 years later when dermatologists and aesthetic medicine practitioners became interested in the method. In dermatology, injections were initially used to treat hair loss and psoriasis. With technological advancements and better access to skin-friendly active substances, intradermal injections have become established in renowned cosmetic clinics and top aesthetic medicine centers.

At our spa in Poznań, we offer needle mesotherapy, which allows for the delivery of valuable, active nutrients to the skin through a series of gentle injections of specially prepared vitamin cocktails. We only use high-quality and completely safe products from reputable brands. The composition of the applied substance is individually tailored to each patient and adapted to their skin's needs. Such personalized therapy is the most effective and ensures long-lasting results.

Treatment Price
1 capsule, 5 ml ampoule 600 zł
2 capsules, 5 ml ampoule 1100 zł
Cytocare 715, 5ml ampoule 800 zł
Cytocare 715, 2 ampoules, 5ml each 1400 zł
Lower eyelids - swelling 350 zł / treatment
Lower eyelids - sagging, wrinkles 350 zł / treatment
Lower eyelids - dark circles 400 zł / treatment
Nasolabial fold mesotherapy 350 zł / treatment
Forehead mesotherapy 350 zł / treatment
Cheek mesotherapy 400 zł / treatment
Biorevitalization, wrinkle reduction, skin firming, density improvement, hydration, skin booster 500 zł
Pigmentation removal 450 zł
Cellulite 500 zł / 1 ampoule 900 zł / 2 ampoules
Hair loss, hair loss prevention 450 zł / 1 ampoule 800 zł / 2 ampoules
Hand rejuvenation - lightening, reduction of discoloration and age spots, skin tightening 500 zł
Lip hydration 700 zł
Tissue Stimulators
Treatment Price
Restylane Skinboosters Vital Light 1 ml - 1000 zł 2 ml - 1800 zł
Restylane Skinboosters Vital 1 ml - 1050 zł 2 ml - 1850 zł
Juvederm Volite 1 ml - 1300 zł 2 ml - 2300 zł
Prostolane Natural B 2 ml - 900 zł 4 ml - 1600 zł
Aquashine BTX/PTX 2 ml - 900 zł 4 ml - 1600 zł

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Kinds of needle mesotherapy

The classification of needle mesotherapy depends on the device used for it (a fine needle or a DermaPen) as well as the body area stimulated for regeneration. Nutritious cocktails, a special combination of active substances, are applied as injections in various spots, namely:

  • face,
  • décolletage and neck,
  • scalp,
  • thighs, chest, stomach and buttocks.

The technique, created by dermatologists, helps effectively introduce nourishing formulations deep into the skin. It is impossible to apply them in the form of cosmetics due to the so-called cell barrier. Individually selected formulations are most often mixtures of:

  • anti-oxidants which prevent ageing effects,
  • hyaluronic acid,
  • amino acids,
  • microelements,
  • polyvitamins.

Thanks to microscopic injuries caused by needles regeneration processes occur much faster. Active components applied during the treatment and the form they are applied in enable to regenerate the sagging skin and treat illnesses. Injections at Maraga SPA salons in Poznań (easily accessible by city transport from Podolany and Piątkowo) are performed by a qualified and experienced doctor.

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Every single application of active substances is very delicate. If the patient is exceptionally sensitive and has low tolerance of pain, we use special anaesthetic ointment. During all the visit we take utmost care to ensure patient’s comfort. The injections leave no visible marks.

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When to apply needle mesotherapy

Microinjections provide multitude of uses, much more than just slowing down the ageing process. It is also a therapy in some skin problems, whose causes lie deeper, in further layers of tissue. There are many indications for this exceptionally effective method.

Needle mesotherapy may be used in order to nourish or moisture skin if necessary, but also to prevent some undesirable effects and even treat them. Thanks to this method, the most popular non-surgical way of boosting natural cell regeneration, we can:

  • stop and reverse the ageing process;
  • remove discolorations;
  • restore firmness to sagging skin on the face and body;
  • treat patchy baldness;
  • prevent premature hair loss;
  • treat stretch marks and cellulite.

Needle mesotherapy, popular with ladies, is also recommended to young women over 25 and mothers of different ages, as the perfect way to remove stretch marks and return to pre-pregnancy look.

In every case we plan a series of treatments, which are performed at particular intervals. The number of repetitions depends on the condition of the treated area and expected result. It is necessary to take all the injections in the series, which will not only ensure quick and spectacular effect, but first of all its durability.

The course of mesotherapy and counterindications

Before injections our specialist doctor invites a patient for a consultation, which includes a detailed interview. Then we can ensure there are no counterindications to the treatment, create a tailored mixture of active components and plan the quantity and frequency of the sessions. A specially prepared, non-invasive technique of piercings ensures the safety of the method. However, like with every classic and aesthetic medical treatment, there are some conditions which prevent its application and these include:

  • breast-feeding,
  • allergy to components of the formulations,
  • herpes,
  • viral and bacterial skin infections,
  • mycosis,
  • all inflammations,
  • taking anti-inflammatory drugs,
  • fever,
  • cancers.

At the beginning the patient is asked to take off any jewellery. During one session a doctor introduces regenerating and nourishing substances with a fine needle or DermaPen under the skin. Skilful piercing is almost painless, but in case you are particularly sensitive and for your full comfort special cream is put on the skin. After a number of injections the area is subject to delicate massage, thanks to which the formulation reaches every cell.

The length of a session is individual, depending e.g. on the size of treated area and treatment aim.

Effects and post-treatment recommendations

Already after a few repetitions we can boost natural regeneration processes even in most sagging skin and restore its beautiful and healthy look. The cells in the treated areas regenerate and absorb nutrients faster. Collagen fibre starts regenerating and recover its previous structure. Regular needle mesotherapy is like an elixir of youth.
There are no marks left after piercing, although in some cases some reddening or bruising can be seen in treated areas. They disappear after a few days (bruises can be treated with arnica cream). To prevent side effects we recommend the following:

  • do not drink alcohol or use care creams on the day of the appointment;
  • for 14 days do not expose your skin to high temperatures (avoid sauna, solarium or direct sunshine);
  • for 14 days do not massage the irritated area;
  • drink at least 2 litres of water during several days after the appointment;
  • for 3 days do not use coarse towels.

CFrequency and number of mesotherapy sessions

In our clinics in Poznań we carefully combine and select formulations, which helps to achieve a visible effect even during the first visit. The number of sessions planned depends on the body part subjected to mesotherapy and its initial condition. To enjoy the longest and optimal result it is best to take treatment series determined by the doctor in charge at the first consultation. Usually 1 to 3 treatments are applied to the face, head, neck and décolletage in two-week intervals, while the other parts of the body require 2-4 sessions of injections, repeated more or less every three weeks.

Effective non-surgical rejuvenating therapy in Poznań

Thanks to access to the state-of-the-art equipment, modern formulations and highly-skilled staff at our SPA in Poznań we will effectively and safely restore your beautiful, healthy and young look. You will easily get to us from Piątkowo and Podolany.

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The top quality and spectacular effects of treatments, safety and post-treatment medical care can be only provided by a perfectly-trained doctor, highly qualified and experienced.

Our spa offers professional needle mesotherapy performed only by experienced specialists with modern equipment and high-quality equipment and top-quality formulations.

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