Treatment Price
Consultation 50 zł
Permanent Eyebrow Makeup 1000 zł
Eyelash Enhancement (Upper Eyelid) 800 zł
Decorative Eyeliner (Upper Eyelid) 1000 zł
Shaded Eyeliner (Upper Eyelid) 1100 zł
Lip Contour with Shading 1000 zł
Touch-up within 2 years after the procedure price determined individually

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Permanent Makeup Poznań

Having perfectly accentuated lips or eyebrows not only boosts the mood but also enhances the confidence of every woman. Permanent makeup is a method that allows you to enjoy beauty for even longer. At Maraga Strefa Spa salon in Poznań, experienced and reliable professionals will ensure perfect execution of permanent makeup around the eyes and lips. All proposed treatments guarantee an attractive yet natural facial appearance. Lips will become fuller, and eyebrows and eyelashes will enlarge the eye and give it character.

Permanent Makeup Ombre

The latest method of eyebrow micropigmentation – provides a natural powder effect achieved through very precise shading with pigment. It works perfectly for people who want to subtly emphasize the color of their eyebrows while avoiding overemphasizing.

Micropigmentation is performed with very calm and precise movements, which requires a lot of skill and experience. What is the ombre treatment about? It achieves a very delicate emphasis on the eyebrows. This makeup differs from shading micropigmentation because the brow becomes lighter from the base and darker at the ends. After each application, the color and shape of the hairs are more natural. Therefore, it is recommended for women who value discreet elegance. Sparse eyebrows will finally cease to be a problem.

Shadow Micropigmentation

A method of eyebrow micropigmentation involving the uniform introduction of pigment over the entire eyebrow arch. Recommended for people who want to achieve a pronounced effect as with fresh henna. This type of beautification aims to emphasize the virtues of a female gaze, which are dark and perfectly outlined eyebrows. Unlike the ombre method, the result is much clearer.


A method of micropigmentation using a feather. Hand-drawn hairs give a natural effect and emphasize the natural beauty of the eyebrows. What is it about? Microblading is one of the latest trends and has already gained popularity. Its application results in naturally denser eyebrows. Such thickening treatment is extremely durable, and you can go to the pool or fitness training without worry. Before the procedure, the specialist applies a local anesthetic ointment to the skin. Then, using a thin feather, precise incisions are made, drawing the contours of the eyebrows. Individually selected pigment is then injected into the skin, giving the impression of a denser eyebrow arch.

Dense Eyeliner

Precise micropigmentation of the lash line, which gives depth to the gaze. This allows us to emphasize the shape of the eye and achieve a denser lash line effect. A delicate line on the eyelid is recommended especially for women who do not apply full makeup every day but want to always look attractive and elegant. Lines on the eyelid optically thicken the lashes.

Contraindications to Permanent Makeup

Before performing any cosmetic procedure, the treatment card must be meticulously and truthfully completed. There are several restrictions on performing permanent makeup. Contraindications concern health conditions or dermatological changes present on the body.

Failure to comply with these prohibitions may pose a health risk or lead to postoperative complications.

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • Diabetes,
  • Blood clotting disorders (hemophilia),
  • Cancer – only during treatment,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Pus and allergic conditions around the eyebrows,
  • Fresh tan,
  • Steroid treatments,
  • Fresh skin peeling,
  • Upper respiratory tract infection,
  • Fever,
  • Heart disease,
  • Infection with HIV or hepatitis virus,
  • Tendency to scar and form keloids,
  • Kidney disease,
  • Skin disease (vitiligo, psoriasis),
  • Taking steroids, antibiotics, anticoagulants, and antidepressants.

How to Prepare for the Procedures?

To achieve better results with permanent makeup on the lips, you need to prepare for it properly. Regardless of which method is used, you must not forget about proper skin hydration from the inside. Therefore, you should drink a large amount of still mineral water every day – about 1.5 liters. No less important is sleep, which has a regenerating effect on the entire body.