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The Observ 520x from Sylton is the most advanced technology for skin analysis now available in our clinic.

With the Observ 520x device, we perform a detailed assessment of the skin. This allows us to discover skin disorders and issues, thereby addressing the individual skincare needs of each client. Many problems lie in the deeper layers of the skin and epidermis and only become more visible over time. With OBSERV 520x, we enhance the quality of individual consultations, create effective home and clinic skincare plans, enabling clients to achieve their desired treatment outcomes.

How does Observ 520x technology work?

The equipment is equipped with several skin analysis modes – parallel-polarized light and cross-polarized light, true UV, and Wood’s lamp. These provide analytical materials that help identify skin imperfections and best eliminate their causes and improve its condition. OBSERV 520x uses patented LED diodes and multiple filtering technologies, providing significantly greater accuracy, allowing observation of the skin’s condition at 8 different levels. The analysis provides information on which areas and parameters of the skin are in good condition and which require changes or more effective care.

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