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Endermologie® ALLIANCE

Endermologie® LPG – natural beauty

Do you want to make your body slimmer and firmer and at the same time maintain its natural biological balance? Endermologie® Alliance is the perfect treatment for you!
It is a fully natural, safe, non-invasive treatment which stimulates the skin and increases cell metabolism. It releases fat, makes the floppy skin firmer, and also reduces cellulite.
A French LPG brand created and patented Enermologie® Alliance – a unique technology to slim the body and improve skin condition without the necessity to spend hours in a beauty salon. Fantastic effect, minimum number of sessions and only 30 minutes a session. Meet Enermologie® Alliance – try it out!

Innovative treatment head: patent Endermologie® LPG



The devices of this type used so far had automatic rollers with a powered flap to enable full tissue penetration. The new technology, LPG-patented, replaced those rollers with a head-skin contact system, thus guaranteeing full comfort of the treatment and spectacular effects in slimming, firming and fat tissue reduction. The device easily works on areas with hard-to-treat cellulite, restoring smoothness and aesthetic look to the skin.
Endermologie® Alliance is a particularly fast, effective and absolutely comfortable treatment.

Endermologie® Alliance – skin identification sensor

Everybody has a different skin, with different tissue quality, delicacy, fibres or elasticity. Endermologie® Alliance is a device with a unique solution, namely Alliance skin identification sensor (ASI), which can accurately adjust the treatment parameters to skin structure.
Thanks to ASI system the treatment is absolutely safe, as it is adjusted to various problems of our customers’ skin and its therapeutic needs.

Research confirms the effectiveness of Endermologie® ALLIANCE

  • firming 71%
  • waistline -5.2 cm
  • cellulite smoothening 67%
  • effects are visible even after the third session!


  • body slimming and modelling
  • improving skin firmness in various body parts
  • cellulite reduction
  • rejuvenation
  • therapy of swelling, retention, scars, muscle and joints pain

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