Body Zaffiro thermolift

Zabieg Cena - 1 zabieg Cena - 4 zabiegi
Hands 500 zł 1700 zł
Knee area 800 zł 2720 zł
Arms 1000 zł 3400 zł
Abdomen 1200 zł 4080 zł
Thighs - one area 1200 zł 4080 zł

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Zaffiro treatments

When you see age-experienced women who have preserved young and beautiful faces, with shining eyes, you also want to charm others with such freshness, smoothness and delicacy of the skin. We can help you with this!


Zaffiro – our secret

What is the secret of young skin?

Short collagen fibres which maintain skin firmness and clear, closed pores make the face look glowing and healthy.

Such an effect can be obtained if the skin is regularly cleansed and exfoliated with Zaffiro water peel, and stimulated with higher temperature. During the treatment the skin is intensively nourished and moisturised, and active rejuvenating and smoothing substances are pumped into it.

Zaffiro is the perfect offer both as a single effective rejuvenating session for a special occasion and (in our opinion, even mainly) as a long-term, regular face care routine. Regularly applied Zaffiro treatments help obtain very natural, young look.


Zaffiro synergy

Zaffiro treatments are so wonderfully effective, because they combine two unique technologies, namely infrared and water peel. Zaffiro water peel uses strong water stream to cleanse deep epidermis layers and exfoliate and remove its damaged layer. The treatment is painless and safe, and the effects are spectacular! The skin is moisturised, smooth and fresh.

Try Zaffiro, a thermolift and water peel in one

Zaffiro is an ultramodern device with a head topped with a sapphire glass as its key element. The glass intensifies infrared rays, thus increasing the treatment effectiveness.

In a totally controlled way Zaffiro can increase the temperature of deep skin layers even up to 65°C. This in turn enables to shorten collagen and elastic fibres to their original size. The skin becomes much denser and recovers its firmness. The increase in temperature also initiates the regeneration process, boosts the cells to produce new, young and short collagen fibres.

The other technology Zaffiro uses is water peel. This two-phase air and water stream exfoliates the skin, cleanses it deeply and removes damaged, unwanted cells. Water peel makes the skin more absorptive and receptive for the nourishing and rejuvenating substances applied during the treatment. It is an indispensable complement to thermolift.

Indications for Zaffiro

  • loss of skin firmness in the face, throat and décolletage due to ageing or weight loss;
  • loss of skin firmness due to ageing or significant weight loss (stomach, internal parts of the thighs and arms, skin above the knees);
  • loose stomach skin;
  • nose-labial folds, wrinkles;
  • loss of face oval;
  • grey skin in need of nourishment;

Zaffiro effects

The unique character of Zaffiro is that the treatment effects are visible and immediate. It is non-invasive, painless, helps to achieve a beautiful look in absolute comfort.

Zaffiro is the perfect offer for the ladies who like lunch-time treatments, as it requires no recovery time.

If you want to look younger, clean and nourish your skin, than Zaffiro is the perfect treatment for you!





  • cancers (up to 5 years from curing),
  • pregnancy/breast feeding,
  • auto-immunologic diseases, problems with injury healing,
  • heart condition, epilepsy,
  • weakened immunological system (HIV AIDS), taking immunosuppression medicines,
  • damage to nerves, neuropathy, impaired temperature perception,
  • taking medicines (sleeping pills, diuretics, anti-diabetes, antidepressants, ibuprofen, naproxen, psycho-active medicine, codeine)/photo-sensitising herbs (common St. John’s wort, common horsetail, camomile, calendula), antibiotics,
  • common acne, rosacea,
  • diabetes, glaucoma, herpes, albinism, melasma,
  • hypertrophic scars, keloids,
  • haemophilia, psoriasis, eczema, wounds, bleeding in the treatment area,
  • fillers (up to 6 months), botox (up to 2 weeks), gold thread lift,
  • freshly suntanned skin,
  • thrombosis, heart pace-maker, insulin pump, metal implants,
  • retinoid (Roaccutane) therapy up to 6 months from the end of treatment; creams with retinol – a break for 2 weeks,
  • taking drugs, drinking alcohol before the treatment.