SPA massages and treatments

Our spa has prepared for its clients an attractive offer of professional massages and treatments, performed by experienced cosmetologists with the use of branded cosmetics. In addition to the classic relaxing option, we also offer slimming massages, firming massages, gentle peelings, and luxurious slimming, cleansing, and body care treatments, including candle, mango butter, or Californian chocolate.

Massages and SPA treatments for two

Atmospheric and well-equipped SPA for two in Poznań Maraga offers numerous treatments: nourishing, regenerating, and moisturizing the body. They are recommended to all people with an active and particularly intense lifestyle. A busy professional calendar, as well as the number of activities to be performed daily, affects our well-being, irritation, and are also important for our body. A massage for couples in Poznań will be preceded by a special, introductory interview. Based on the information obtained, we will recommend the best treatments to our clients. They will run in an atmosphere of complete intimacy for the most complete relaxation possible. Our professional SPA for two in Poznań is also a great idea for an unusual date. It will bring partners together and allow you to revive slightly suppressed emotions. Such a moment spent away from home or work will also be an ideal solution for close friends.

SPA for couples – relaxation and rest

The possibilities offered by our SPA for two in Poznań are not only a variety of massages using natural nutrients. A couple can take advantage of numerous hygienic procedures on-site, related to laser hair removal, pedicure, manicure, wrinkle removal. Our SPA for two (Poznań) is much more than the basic categories of cosmetic and beauty treatments. Extensive packages of aesthetic medicine offers can be a way to get rid of some imperfections. For both men and women, they mean potential complexes that affect the loss of self-confidence. You should then act comprehensively and decisively to regain enthusiasm and joy in life. Joint massages in our beauty studio are also a chance for a really honest conversation, maintaining relationships, but most of all they bring maximum relaxation to a tired or tense body in extremely pleasant circumstances.