Botulin toxin treatments are currently the safest and most effective method to prevent mimic wrinkles, and at the same time one of the most popular aesthetic medicine treatments in the world. Botulin toxin helps to obtain a relaxed and also calmer facial expression. Smoother skin is also rested, which prevents new wrinkles.

Treatment Price
Forehead area
Women Azzalure/Bocouture 450 zł Alluzience 650zł
Men Azzalure/Bocouture 500 zł Alluzience 700 zł
Lion’s wrinkle
Women Azzalure/Bocouture 450 zł Alluzience 650 zł
Men Azzalure/Bocouture 500 zł Alluzience 700 zł
Eye area (”crow’s feet”)
Women Azzalure/Bocouture  450 zł Alluzience 650 zł
Men Azzalure/Bocouture  500 zł Alluzience 700 zł
1/3 upper part – whole
Women Azzalure/Bocouture  1300 zł   Alluzience/Bocouture 1450 zł
Men Azzalure/Bocouture 1400 zł Alluzience 1550 zł
Gummy smile 300 zł
Chin 300 zł
Bunny lines next to nose 300 zł
Smoker’s mouth wrinkles 300 zł
Corner lip lift 350 zł
Injections in the area of masseter muscles (bruxism) 25zł/unit
Removing platysma bands 25zł/unit
Other procedures with botulin toxin 25zł/unit
Alluzience (ABO - Liquid) ABO Liquid is a facial muscle relaxation treatment with the use of a liquid neuromodulator
Treatment Price
1 part 650 zł
2 parts 1100 zł
3 parts 1450 zł

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Botulinum toxin – wrinkles removal and filling

Implementing innovative biotechnological solutions and top-class substances helps quickly and effectively manage mimic wrinkles by smoothening them.
As is well known, when we age, the condition of collagen fibres worsens. Then it is worth trying appropriate cosmetic treatment. Using Botulinum toxin in injections performed by an experienced doctor of aesthetic medicine is fully safe and delivers satisfying effects. A botulinum-based substance helps to smoothen wrinkles in various areas of the face. Thanks to it you can get rid of wrinkles on the forehead, or fight crow’s feet. The skin is firmer and visibly smoother. We recommend this non-invasive lift in our beauty salon in Poznań.

What is Botulinum toxin?

This treatment uses a substance with addition of botulinum. This is a natural toxin which affects the skin, blocking transmission of impulses between nerves and muscles. Thanks to it we can smoothen even visible aging signs, such as mimic wrinkles or lines on the forehead. The formulation helps effectively remove the so-called smoker’s mouth wrinkles, which form above the upper lip and around lip corners. If the injection has been performed expertly, then it works only in the treated area of the face.

Who is Botulinum toxin recommended for?

The botulinum toxin may be used at a young age as prevention of wrinkles, as an effective prevention measure when they are not yet fully visible. It is a good way to strengthen collagen fibres. This particularly concerns the people with an intensive facial expression, who often have mimic wrinkles between eyebrows, around the mouth or the so-called crow’s feet. Using the botulinum toxin helps enjoy the effects almost like those of a face lift, but without the surgery. After the treatment the face oval maintains or regains its shape, so the whole face looks younger.

High-reliability treatment

Using Botulinum toxin to fight defects is currently the most effective non-invasive anti-wrinkle therapy, thanks to which skin care becomes more effective. It helps smoothen already existing defects on mature skin. Remember that removing particularly deep or older wrinkles may need supplementing with other methods, like wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid. Botulinum toxin treatments are not only used to fill wrinkles, but also to fight hyperhidrosis, and also migraines.

What does the treatment look like?

To ensure the patient’s safety the injection is performed by an aesthetic medicine specialist. To fill the wrinkles most accurately the doctor uses a very fine needle to apply the previously selected formulation. Thanks to this the face is subject to botulinum only in the spots whose condition has indeed worsened with age. The injection takes a short time, more or less fifteen minutes, depending on the number of punctures and the area of skin treated. The botulinum toxin starts working 2-3 days after the injection. The desired effect usually appears after about two weeks. Remember about proper skin care directly after the treatment and during the following few days.

After the treatment

After a Botulinum toxin injection you should take particularly good care of your skin. Remember especially about these:

  • avoid physical strain (for about 4-5 hours),
  • avoid massage and pressure on the skin in the areas of injections (for about 4-5 hours),
  • do not bend your head down (for 4 hours from the treatment).

Proper skin care after Botulinum toxin application also means non-use of cleansing cosmetics, such as scrubs.

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Such cosmetic treatments help achieve the desired effect only when performed by a highly-qualified and experienced doctor of aesthetic medicine. Our salon in Poznań provides top quality and ensures spectacular effects, safety of treatment and post-treatment medical care.
Check our Botulinum toxin therapies. With us fighting age-related defects will always bring natural results. You can use our comprehensive care and top-quality formulations. See you in our salon!