We perform medical peels (face, face, neckline, back, hands) rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle, remove discoloration, heal acne, acne scars and facial erythema. They also allow you to look for enlargement of the pores, and thus contribute to the formation of excess sebum.

Treatment Area Price
Peeling with glycolic acid 50/70% face 350zł
Retinol peeling 4% face, neck and cleavage 300zł
Peeling with pyruvic acid 40 - 60% 250zł
Peeling TCA chelate 20/30% 700zł
Peeling TCA chelate 20/30% (face) face 300zł
Yellow peel 650zł
Alfa Beta Compleks Gel (ABC Gel) 250zł
Xylogic peel 200zł
Retix C 250zł

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Medical peels

Removing blemishes

The treatment influences deep skin layers, thanks to which its effects can be clearly seen with a naked eye. The peel helps the skin recover its firmness and smoothness by boosting natural rejuvenating processes by use of a specially adjusted acid. Medical peels are chemical formulations, and the epidermis is peeled with special substances. They are some of the most popular services of aesthetic medicine. At the same time such chemical treatments complement other services, like hyaluronic acid therapy for wrinkles or laser therapy.

How does cavitation peeling work?

Another popular method to clean the complexion is cavitation peeling. The therapy is part of aesthetic medicine and uses the phenomenon of cavitation, which is a fast transformation from a liquid into gas state. Moist skin subjected to ultrasounds forms blisters, which disintegrate almost instantly. This treatment removes dead cells and so post-acne scars and wrinkles become less visible. It is recommended for every type of skin.

What is a medical peel?

Professional medical peels remove old epidermis and let the formula reach the dermis. All the process is supervised by a doctor. The composition of the acid can be modified depending on expectations. Some chemical mixtures lighten the skin, thanks to which they help to remove or significantly reduce post-acne scars. Other substances rejuvenate the skin or increase its moisture level. Our spa in Poznań also offers treatments which close dilated pores or help to limit excess sebum.

Who are medical peels for?

Medical or cavitation peels are recommended for:

  • wrinkles or loss of epidermis firmness,
  • discolorations of various origins,
  • dilated pores,
  • post-acne scars and changes,
  • stretch marks or cellulite.

The best results are achieved after a series of regular treatments performed every few weeks, so the skin has time to regenerate.

What does the treatment look like?

The skin is cleansed and its sebum removed, then acid or a mixture of acid with concentration adjusted to every kind of skin. After application a slight reddening and burning may occur. Some substances require neutralising, so this the next stage of the therapy. After acid application the face is irritated, this is why the last stage is applying anti-inflammation and moisturising substances. Proper peeling, during which dead cells are replaced by new ones, starts several days after a visit to the spa. The epidermis regenerates fully after about a week.


It is one of the most effective peels we offer in our Poznań spa. It ensures real cleansing of dilated pores by removing dead cells, which produces a smoother face and reduces wrinkles. Its lightening operation helps to remove post-acne scars. Chemical peel also affects dilated pores. It is recommended for oily skin, which often suffers from excess sebum. It can be applied in case of skin problems, such as deficiency in moisture or nutrition.

Skin care after medical peel

Directly after the treatment the skin can be tight and irritated. You should protect it from the sun and UV rays for 30 days, also refrain from any scrubs or irritating formulations. it is good to apply soothing formulations, however, it is best to consult their choice with a specialist in aesthetic medicine.

Who shouldn’t use the treatment

According to experts chemical peeling is not recommended:

  • in pregnancy and breast-feeding period,
  • if the skin is irritated,
  • in cases of active acne or fresh scars (about 2–6 months old),
  • in epidermis inflammations,
  • while using A-vitamin-based formulations.

Try out our medical and cavitation peeling in our Poznań Spa.