What is mesobotox?

The treatment known as mesobotox is used in aesthetic medicine and combines mesotherapy and botox. The use of both techniques allows for naturally smoother skin. By simultaneously introducing vitamins, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid, the skin gains radiance and a healthy appearance long after the effects of botulinum toxin wear off. It is an effective way to improve the smoothness and elasticity of facial muscles, making wrinkles a thing of the past. The procedure provides similar results to a facelift but does not require the use of a scalpel. The effects last for a long time. We specialize in the removal of various types of wrinkles. You are welcome to visit our salon in Poznan, located near the Podolany district and Piątkowo housing estate.

Treatment Price
Mesobotox 600 - 1000 PLN

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Mesobotox – Botulinum toxin and face lift treatments

What is botulin toxin?

Specialists use botulin toxin in many aesthetic medicine treatments. This substance helps to fight skin changes, which inevitably occur with age, effectively removes mimic wrinkles on the forehead and other parts of the face, like around eyes – the area prone to form lines, as it contains low quantities of fat tissue.

What does the treatment consist in?

How do you use botulin toxin to remove marks of face ageing? During mesobotox treatment shallow microinjections are used to apply small quantities of botulin toxin. Along with Botulinum toxin rejuvenating and nourishing substances are introduced into skin, such as vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. Mesobotox helps to get rid of wrinkles on large parts of the face; it is a good method to remove them from the areas of eyes, forehead, nose and mouth. It can help to reduce or even completely remove crow’s feet, as well as most mimic lines, such as worry lines or the so-called smoker’s lines.

Who is the treatment for

Mesobotx is recommended for ageing skin which generally does not look good. Moreover, Botulinum toxin effectively shapes selected parts of the face, namely smooths the eye area and mimic lines between eyebrows, relieves the fold below the nose and improves skin firmness. It is modern face lift, with the advantage of much more natural effects. The treatment is recommended to

  • remove shallow and medium-depth wrinkles, also horizontal lines and smoker’s lines;
  • reduce lines around eyes and between eyebrows;
  • smooth the forehead;
  • improve facial muscles;
  • generally improve the condition of dehydrated, tired or dull skin.

Mesobotox can be used to reduce mimic signs of ageing in the areas which due to low fat tissue content are more susceptible to wrinkle forming. The rejuvenating effect is ensured by adding a nutritional mix to botulin toxin. Mesobotox is worth trying when other aesthetic medicine treatments are not as effective as expected.


First changes in skin can be noted about a week after the treatment and last about six months. After that time a series of injections should be repeated, otherwise the skin will return to its previous state. The treatment may be repeated without limitations.


The treatment cannot be used:

  • in skin inflammations;
  • while taking anti-clotting medicines;
  • during autoimmunological disease or cancer;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • in cases of Botulinum toxin intolerance.

Mesobotox therapy is preceded with an interview with a doctor.

After-treatment recommendations

After the treatment you can return to your daily activities, however, it is best to stop using cosmetics that could irritate the skin and avoid excess physical activity. Do not touch facial muscles for at least 24 hours. We hope to see Poznań inhabitants in our spa in Podolany to use our Botulinum toxin treatment and mesotherapy. We offer professional and safe removal of signs of ageing.