What is Cosmelan?

Cosmelan is a product used in aesthetic medicine procedures to help eliminate sunspots, melasma, freckles, and pigmented lesions.

It is also used to treat redness-prone skin by closing blood vessels. Cosmelan is a cosmetic product that effectively corrects unwanted skin changes, including blemishes. It provides a solution for removing imperfections and rejuvenating the skin by reducing wrinkles, enlarged pores, and excess sebum. Its action is based on the use of arbutin, kojic acid, phytic acid, retinyl palmitate, and ascorbic acid. In our clinic, we only use high-quality medical peels.

Treatment Price
Cosmelan Treatment + Cosmelan 2 Cream 1800 PLN
Treatment without Cream 1300 PLN
Cosmelan 2 Cream 700 PLN

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Cosmelan – discolorations removal

What does doscoloration removal with Cosmelan look like?

The treatment starts with a detailed interview concerning the skin biological condition. A specialist thoroughly checks the patient’s epidermis, which helps to find the best treatment method. It must be noted that removing discolorations can be really effective and safe only when the therapy is adjusted to the skin phototype. A cosmetic facial treatment should be performed by a doctor specialising in aesthetic medicine. Our spa in Poznań employs only experienced experts to carry out such treatments.

Skin discolorations are usually removed in two steps. The first stage includes special medical peels, then depigmentation and soothing substances. A strong peeling mask is put on the patient’s face and left there for several hours. Then the patient applies regular home care: lightening cream and serum, as recommended by the doctor.

After the treatment

For several days after the mask application the skin is easily irritated. Do not stop the therapy before its scheduled date, or you risk re-appearance of the spots. All the process of epidermis peeling and spots removing must be supervised and only selected medical peels should be used. Regular post-treatment visits help to monitor the patient’s skin condition.

The frequency of treatments

These are aesthetic medicine treatments, so you can be certain of their high effectiveness. Skin changes and discolorations disappear almost completely. The time when the first effects can be seen depends on epidermis type. The women with dark complexion can see the expected changes even after a week after the treatment, while those with light skin can see the first results after three-four weeks. The therapy with Cosmelan is performed only once. It also helps to reduce scars, blemishes or blotches and remove broken capillaries.

Effects and operation

The therapy helps to remove hormone-based discolorations and skin blemishes. It also proved effective in reducing small blotches of particular shape or location. Its other advantages include:

  • increasing perfusion, thanks to which the skin is cleaner and better nourished;
  • removal of dead epidermis;
  • boosting tissues to produce more collagen and rebuild its structure;
  • improving skin tone, which makes the face look fresher;
  • controlling sebum production;
  • removing broken capillaries, which makes the skin toned and even in colour.

It is worth mentioning that Cosmelan may replace other facial cosmetics. As the treatment removes blotches permanently, it is recommended also for the women whose skin is more sensitive to irritations. The ladies with couperose skin may say good bye to persevering red spots.

Post-therapy recommendations

After invasive cosmetic treatments we must always remember to apply proper skin care. First of all: follow the doctor’s recommendations. Do not use alcohol-based cosmetics or peels. For about 10 days do not use make-up and for a month protect the skin from sunshine and UV rays, otherwise discolorations and blotches can reappear. Use high-SPF and soothing cosmetics.


The therapy is not recommended:

  • during pregnancy,
  • for irritated skin,
  • for active acne,
  • during skin inflammations,
  • while using preparations based on vitamin A.

If you choose our spa, you can expect a detailed interview with a specialist in aesthetic medicine before the treatment. Try Cosmelan treatment in our Poznań spa.