Hyaluronic acid is used in aesthetic dermatology mainly for to fill wrinkles, improve mouth contour or model face oval.

Treatment Price
Juvederm Ultra 2/Lidocaine 0,55ml – 700zł
Juvederm Ultra 3/Lidocaine 0,8ml – 1200zł 1,6ml – 1800zł
Juvederm Ultra 4/Lidocaine 0,8ml – 1400zł 1,6ml – 2000zł
Restylane Lyft/Lidocaine 1ml – 1000zł 2ml – 1800zł
Restylane Defyne/Lidocaine 1,1ml – 1000zł 2,2ml – 1800zł
Juvederm Voluma/Lidocaine 2ml – 2200zł
Restylane SubQ/Lidocaine 2ml – 2000zł
Juvederm ultra smile/Lidocaine 0,55ml – 1000zł
Restylane Kysse/Lidocaine 1,1ml – 1000zł 2,2ml – 1800zł
Revofil Plus 1 ml – 900 zł
Revofil Ultra 1 ml – 900 zł
Revofil Fine 1 ml – 900 zł

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Filling wrinkles in Poznań – hyaluronic acid

Natural substance, namely hyaluronic acid which occurs in human body, is used in aesthetic dermatology, mainly for filling wrinkles, lip augmentation, improving their contour and modelling face oval as well revitalising skin all over the body. It starts working immediately, so we can monitor the effect during the treatment. Doctors from our Poznań SPA are specialists widely experienced in hyaluronic acid application (you can reach us easily from Podolany and Piątkowo).

Filling wrinkles in Poznań

Hyaluronic acid, used to correct defects, is completely safe, as it is a natural component of human skin and makes it firm, elastic and smooth. Before wrinkle filling the patient does not need to make any special preparations. Just remember not to take aspirin (or other blood thinners) about 3 days before the you come to the clinic. On the day of the treatment do not use sauna or solarium. The visit is rather short, as it takes about 30 minutes. During that time we can make you look visibly younger and correct quite a few aesthetic defects. An additional asset of hyaluronic acid-based formulations is that you do not need any time to recover.
It is a great alternative to plastic surgery: a non-invasive application, fast and spectacular result, which lasts from 6 to 12 month. Slight swelling, reddening or bruising, which might appear after the injections, disappear within a few days.

Hyaluronic acid – natural wrinkle filler

As we age, the content of this natural component of a human body decreases, and consequently wrinkles appear, skin loses its density and face contour becomes less expressive and regular. However, all this can be effectively reversed.
During the treatment a doctor applies the filler with a fine needle to a specific depth under the skin. Filling is painless thanks to a component of the injected substance, namely lignocaine, which is a local anaesthetic, found in most formulas used. This provides the patient with maximum comfort. Our SPA in Poznań offers several kinds of treatment.
Face volumetry means modelling its features. The filler is used to reduce asymmetry and an uneven contour of the face. It will also be easy to change nose shape and size, unless it is deformed, hooked, crooked, too long or too wide. Injections will help model the nose and give it the desired form. If our problem is too thin upper or lower lip, we can accurately adjust its size to make it full and create the perfect mouth, which is every woman’s great asset.
Aesthetic defects corrected with such injections of course include wrinkles. The skin which has lost its density and firmness will be back in shape even after the first treatment. We will correct sagging cheeks and smoothen even very visible lines, not only on the face. Lines and hollows around the eyes, on the forehead, between eyebrows or deep nasolabial folds will all be managed by top brand formulas which we use.
Our age is often told by our hands. If we decide to take painless hyaluronic acid injections, we can visibly rejuvenate them. Complexes can make our life difficult and prevent us from living it to the full; this treatment is perfect for women of all ages.
Specialist rejuvenating therapies in Poznań

The best way to obtain a lasting and visible effect is repeating the injection after 6-12 months. The time can be so different because the effects last for a different time for every patient. How long the change will stay in the skin depends on age, tissue condition, individual features or lifestyle.
Aesthetic medicine does not always mean surgery. Modern solutions help to achieve spectacular effects without a scalpel thanks to safe and painless treatments which use formulas compatible with human skin DNA. Come to check our Maraga spa in Podolany and Piątkowo areas.

Hyaluronic acid-based treatments in our spa

Our spa offers professional treatments with hyaluronic acid to make your skin smooth and firm, reduce wrinkles, model your face oval and much more.
Fillers can be used for the mouth, zygomatic area, i.e. cheeks, nasolabial folds, ”marionette lines”, facial oval, chin, nose, temples etc. Prices depend on the pre-filled syringes and formulations used.
Top professionalism and comfort guaranteed. See you!