OPI GelColor

The new GelColor from O.P.I is a cutting-edge technology of products we have never ever had. It’s a dream come true for nail stylists. It is customers’ delight with the color, gloss, express performing and absolute security for nails! The difference between the old methods of lasting manicure and GelColor is compelling and immediately visible!

NOTE! GelColor is not a hybrid nail polish! It is a mild breathable gel, non-binding tightly to the nail, so it does not destroy the nail plate. This new generation of gel formed in the OPI laboratory is the first in the world! The hybrid gel is a combination of gel molecules tightly compressed with the addition of nail polish. It is difficult to be removed, indifferent to the plate and requires thorough nail preparation.

  • Manicure OPI GelColor 120PLN
  • Manicure OPI GelColor French 140PLN