Transbuccal facial massage

Zamów bon

Transbuccal facial massage (trans – through (Latin), buccalis – cheeks (Latin))

Transbuccal facial massage is a massage technique that involves bilateral kneading of the facial tissues, both from the inside of the mouth and the external surface of the skin. It allows for the complete restoration of the oval, contour of the face, tension, and elasticity of the deep facial muscles, which form the cheek area and the nasolabial folds. The massage is performed with disposable gloves, maintaining full hygiene and comfort for the client.

Indications for performing transbuccal massage:

  • Correction of deformational-dystrophic types of aging,
  • Scars and soft tissue deformations after facial traumas,
  • High tension of the facial mimic muscles.

Contraindications to performing transbuccal massage:

  • Recent damage to the skin or mucous membranes,
  • Inflammatory skin and mucous membrane diseases (acne, canker sores, herpes),
  • Inflammatory ENT diseases,
  • Recent tooth extraction,
  • Tooth decay, inflammatory conditions of the teeth, gums,
  • Tendency to bleed,
  • Acute inflammatory nerve conditions,
  • Swelling.

In our spa, the massage is combined with the technique of aesthetic kinesiotaping of the face.