Kobido massage

Kobido massage is a unique form of massage art, which means "Ancient Way to Beauty". This ritual follows strictly defined rules based on the tradition of Chinese medicine.

Treatment Price
Kobido Massage 310 PLN
Kobido Massage with Mask 380 PLN
Kobido Up (Massage + Aesthetic Kinesiotaping) 350 PLN
Kobido Premium (Kobido Massage + Transbuccal Massage + Aesthetic Kinesiotaping) 400 PLN
Transbuccal Massage + Aesthetic Kinesiotaping 200 PLN
Package of 10 Kobido Massages 2500 PLN

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Kobido massage

Most facial massage methods work on the surface of the face. Kobido, through the complexity and intensity of techniques, works on the deeper layers of our skin and muscles. This is the most technically advanced form of facial massage in Japan, if not the world.

Kobido is distinguished by the greatest number and complexity of the manual techniques used.

Treatment procedure:

The massage session begins with smooth and delicate movements that aim to relax the client in order to relieve tension. Other techniques used in the Kobido massage are lymphatic drainage, deep lifting techniques and acupressure resulting in the expected rejuvenation effect.

Indications for surgery:

– For people suffering from migraines
– For people suffering from bruxism, it reduces the effects of tension in the maxillofacial area
– For people who want to get a face lifting effect without invasive action

Massage effects:

Kobido massage is known as “non-surgical face lift”. Thanks to its complex techniques, you can do it naturally:

– Reduce muscle tension which is the cause of mimic wrinkles
– Reduce the effects of aging on our skin
– Improve the face oval by working deeply on the muscle structures
– Stimulate cellular metabolism, which will contribute to faster skin regeneration
– Clean the skin so that we add its natural glow
– Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin
– Eliminate excessive tension around the neck, chest and face oval

Massage contraindications:

– Inflammation of the skin
– Inflammation of the body- fever
– The continuity of the epidermis is broken
– Active acne
– Periodontal purulent conditions, tooth extraction 2 weeks, tooth implant 2 months
– Rosacea in the exacerbation stage
– Tumors
– Aesthetic medicine treatments (hyaluronic acid and other fillers approx. 2-3 months, botox 2 weeks, lifting threads 6 months)

A series of 10 treatments performed once a week is recommended.