Body Scrubs and Massages

Treatment Price
Body Scrub
Grapefruit and Cranberry Salt Scrub Contains dried cranberries that have a lifting effect, slow down the aging process, and enhance their immunological resistance. The scrub gently exfoliates the skin, restoring proper hydration. 100 zł
Mango and Calendula Salt Scrub Indispensable for dry and rough skin. Mango extract provides excellent moisturization, and marigold petals have additional antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 100 zł
Lime and Algae Salt Scrub Rich in amino acids and microelements from algae (chondrus crispus) that give the skin a healthy and radiant appearance. Additionally, the aroma of lime adds energy and refreshes the body. 100 zł
Scrub + Body Massage
Scrub + Body Massage 300 zł
Scrub + Body Massage - Secret Candle 350 zł
Scrub + Body and Face Massage
Scrub + Body and Face Massage 370 zł
Scrub + Body and Face Massage - Secret Candle 390 zł
Treatment Price
Body Massage
Secret Candle Massage 280 zł
Mango Butter Massage 250 zł
Body and Face Massage 320 zł
Secret Candle Body and Face Massage 370 zł
Partial Massage
Mango Butter / Massage Oil 140 zł
Secret Candle 170 zł

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Body Peel

Using a body peel is an excellent opportunity to indulge in a firming massage for the entire body. It’s not only the most effective way to improve skin firmness and smoothness but also enhances mood with the addition of essential oils. Maraga Spa Zone, located in Poznań, offers various types of massages and body peels, which will contribute to the overall improvement of your skin.

Peeling stimulates cell regeneration, improves skin elasticity, tone, and smoothness. We offer salt peels with incredibly tempting scents:

Grapefruit Salt Scrub with Cranberries

Containing dried cranberries, which have a lifting effect, slow down the aging process, and strengthen the skin’s immune resistance. This product gently exfoliates the epidermis, restoring proper hydration to the skin. The aroma of cranberries particularly stimulates the senses and clears the mind.

Mango Salt Scrub with Marigold

Ideal for dry, calloused, and rough skin. Mango extract moisturizes effectively, while marigold petals provide antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits. During the treatment, you may feel an immediate improvement in blood circulation, supporting tissue drainage.

Lime Salt Scrub with Algae

Rich in amino acids and microelements from algae (chondrus crispus), giving the skin a healthy and radiant look. Additionally, the lime aroma adds energy and refreshes the body. Thanks to this peel, the skin will remain deeply moisturized and elastic for a long time.


  • Dry, dull, rough skin
  • As a prelude to skincare treatments

Information: Treatment frequency is 1-2 times a week, with a duration of 30 minutes.

Relaxing Body Massage

A classic body massage with a relaxing and harmonizing effect. It wonderfully relaxes tense muscles and induces a state of relaxation. Each treatment is individually tailored to the client’s needs. The Relaxation variant is not only an excellent way to relieve tension in the body (both mental and physical) but also aids in reducing body fat or cellulite. Nothing affects a person’s psyche better after a long day of work than relaxation combined with a massage.

Several types of preparations are available:

Mango Butter

Natural, melted, warm butter from mango fruits, which intensely nourishes, regenerates, and softens the skin. The tropical scent deepens the feeling of relaxation, making you feel like you’re on a dream vacation. Such an aromatic skincare massage will lead to a radical change in the softness and depth of skin hydration.

Information: Duration is 60 minutes.

Secret Candle Massage

A relaxing body massage performed using the unique SECRET candle, whose wax turns into warm, sensual oil. Thanks to the presence of beeswax, soybean oil, and pure essential oils, the candle wonderfully nourishes the skin, making it soft, moisturized, and enveloped in a captivating scent. Two scent options are available:

  • Sweetness of the Orient (orange, sandalwood)
  • Pearls of the Philippines (coconut oil, lemongrass, lily of the valley)

Information: Duration is 60 minutes.

Body and Face Massage

A classic muscle-relaxing massage combined with a soothing facial massage using preparations tailored to the skin’s needs. A classic massage can be performed with the chosen addition.

Options include:

  • Mango butter,
  • Secret candle oil.

Information: Duration is 90 minutes.