Non-surgical, professional aesthetic medicine procedure, sometimes mistakenly referred to as injectable lipolysis, primarily known as intralipotherapy, is a method involving the injection of a special preparation that chemically breaks down fat cells. The fat cells, decomposed as a result of the injection, are naturally metabolized by the body. This action aims to achieve the effect of weight loss and non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring. You can undergo this therapy in our clinics in Poznan, located in the immediate vicinity of the Podolany and Piątkowo districts.

Treatment with PPC (phosphatidylcholine) preparation Price
Chin, jaw area 450 PLN / 1 amp 350 PLN / above 1 amp during the same session
Thighs (saddlebags, inner thigh), abdomen ("love handles"), area below the buttocks, area below the shoulder blades: 450 PLN / 1 amp 350 PLN / above 1 amp during the same session
Treatment with Aqualyx preparation Price
Chin, jaw area 350 PLN
1-2 ampoules 350 PLN/ampoule
5 ampoules 300 PLN/ampoule
Treatment with Prostrolane Inner B preparation Price
1 ampoule 850 PLN
3 or more ampoules 750 PLN/ampoule
Treatment with Phosphatidylcholine preparation Price
1 ampoule 350 PLN
2 or more ampoules 300 PLN/ampoule
Treatment with Cellbooster Shape preparation Price
1 ampoule 1000 PLN
3 ampoules 2700 PLN

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Recommendations for injection lipolysis

Intralipotherapy is a perfectly safe treatment and a good starting point take further care of our body. Nothing as motivating for further work on fitness as a fast loss of some unwanted centimetres. When we lose weight, we often get rid of kilograms also from the curves we would prefer to keep. A series of treatments guarantees the effect of removing fat tissue only from the selected area. Injection lipolysis can be applied in the thighs, hips, abdomen or chin, for example:

Examples of lipolysis applications:

  • removing a double chin,
  • slimming the abdomen area (getting rid of fat folds);
  • slimming the lower body (hips, thighs, knees);
  • contouring the buttocks;
  • slimming the arms in the triceps and armpit area;
  • reducing the so-called buffalo hump;
  • removing back rolls;
  • male gynecomastia.

Effects of a professional injection lipolysis treatment

A visible effect can be seen even after a short series of injection lipolysis. Usually 2-3 sessions are enough to reduce a selected area by 4-5 cm. However, if fat tissue is too thick and abundant, we will need more appointments. In order to boost and speed up the process of centimetre loss in the areas subject to injections, we recommend supplementing the therapy with lymphatic massage, which is also called lymphatic drainage massage and for a good reason. During the massage the therapist will speed up lymph flow and improve fat cell transport through lymph vessels. Thanks to this unwanted fat will be sooner removed from the body. The injections should be taken at 3-4 week intervals, even if fat tissue is thick and abundant.

How is intralipotherapy done

The number of injections is determined by the doctor during an initial consultation. Injecting a special substance which leads to fat dissolving is performed as delicately as possible, as the patient’s comfort is our absolute priority. A special safe substance with phosphatidylcholine as the main component (a chemical compound present in human body, also called lecithin) helps to dissolve and remove unnecessary fat, so a slight reddening and swelling may occur where it was administered. This a good sign of proper operation of the substance. The released fat tissues are transported to the liver and removed from the body. After the treatment the area of injections may be temporarily sensitive to touch. Also itching or slight pain of the skin may occur. The symptoms disappear after several days.


Counterindications to injection lipolysis

Do not perform the treatment in any of the conditions below. They include:

  • allergy to the formulation applied,
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  • diabetes,
  • liver and kidneys insufficiency,
  • acute inflammations,
  • illnesses related to blood coagulability problems.


Those who live in Poznań Piątkowo and Podolany areas are really well-placed to use our lipolysis offer. Non-invasive body contouring is a wonderful start to taking good care of our body and shape.