Treatment Price
Intraceuticals - Oxygen Infusion 490 zł
Intraceuticals - Oxygen Infusion with Mask 520 zł

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Intraceuticals is a highly moisturizing and rejuvenating oxygen infusion treatment, guaranteeing visible lifting, filling and improving facial contours. The extraordinary therapeutic benefits of purified hyperbaric oxygen have been combined with cosmetic skin care. The generated hyperbaric pressure bubble initiates osmotic hydration and nutrient delivery. The treatment is relaxing and comfortable for the client. This is done by slowly moving the infuser over the skin surface according to a specific pattern.

The effect of the therapy is a younger, healthier and radiant appearance. The skin has better density, firmness and tension. Wrinkles become shallower and fine lines are reduced. The face gains new freshness and a significant improvement in color. The unique Australian method of skin care allows you to act on problems with targeted products, e.g. brightening discoloration and reducing acne inflammation. The essence of this special care is the use of different weight forms of hyaluronic acid responsible for skin hydration, antioxidants and hyperbaric oxygen. Its purpose is to build 3 layers of hyaluronic acid in the skin – at its various levels.


Moisturizing is the basis of every skin care. The right amount of moisture at its various levels is the secret of a young and fresh face. Intraceuticals has patented an effective method of optimizing hydration, which “builds” moisture deposits by increasing the amount of hyaluronic acid in various layers of the skin. Directionally supplied multi-weight hyaluronic acid (low, medium and high weight), building hyaluronic layers in it, ensures optimal skin hydration. By overlapping, they guarantee excellent hydrodynamics and, as a result, a deep and continuous supply of hydration and effective active ingredients. Thanks to these layers, we obtain perfectly hydrated, more youthful, elastic, firm and vital skin.

1. Renewal

Deep supply of hydration and active ingredients thanks to low-molecular hyaluronic substances present in the treatment serum and enhancers. These substances deeply hydrate and carry important active ingredients deep into the skin. The effect is its immediate revitalization.


Maintaining hydration through medium-molecular hyaluronic substances present in gel products. These substances deeply hydrate throughout the day and provide effective active ingredients.

3. Protection

Softening and protection with high-molecular hyaluronic substances in cream products. They attract moisture from the air, effectively protect against evaporation and provide a breathable barrier. The skin gains a smoother and tighter appearance.

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