Feet reflexology is an non-invasive, safe and very effective method which supports self-healing of our entity.
Reflexology dates back to 2300 BCE.
The method is focused mainly on special points, which are located on the feet. These points reflect to different parts of our body and organs.
Every disorder in our body manifests itself as hypersensitivity, while touching specific parts of the foot. It helps determine which condition needs to be cured and how the general body condition looks like.
Well done treatment assists the blood circulation, stabilizes the work of the nervous system, regulates the work of glands and what supports the body back to the regular biological balance. All of it makes us more healthy, relaxes us, reduces stress and increases our daily energy.
Feet reflexology is a very effective form of healing foot massage.
For healthy people-it is the best way for relaxation and prevention.
The therapy in patients with diseases or chronic pain decreases the patients relief and improves them to feel daily comfortable. Feet reflexology also helps in convalescence after surgery and heavy disease.
The reflexology is particularly beneficial in case of:

  • Mental problems (neurosis, professional burnout)
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Lack of vital forces and energy
  • Fertility problems ( helps to prepare for planned pregnancy)
  • Swollen legs and lymphatic stasis
  • Pressure jumps
  • Chronic illness ( diabetes, joints problems, multiple sclerosis)
  • Long-term stress
  • All kinds of pains and migraine
  • Problems with digestive system ( heartburn, flatulence, constipation)
  • Arthralgia and backaches
  • Painful menstruations, menopause complaints
  • Reduced immunity, bladder infections, blocked sinuses,
  • Heals skin changes such as acne etc.

And more..
..Moreover it’s a good prevention and helps us keep a good health every day, regardless of our age. It’s suitable for women being pregnant/children/seniors…it’s recommended in the fight against haemorrhoids, prostate disorder and sciatica.
The treatment takes about 40’- 50’ and it’s performed on the comfortable and relaxing armchair.
First session takes 1,5h and contains:
-interview with the patient and patient card
-price: 150 PLN
You’re welcome!