Sesderma paramedical face scrub

Sesderma is a line of Spanish skin cosmetics inspired by the latest achievements in world’s dermatology and genocosmetics. Sesderma’s flagship product is a paramedical chemical scrub (acid peeling). As every kind of skin has different needs, Sesderma paramedical scrubs are manufactured in several lines.

Chemical peeling is an acid-based treatment. A series of a few sessions will refresh the skin, make us look younger, get rid of discolourations, lines and other imperfections.


Ferulac Valencia Peel

Uses a synergy of 4 acids: 10% TCA, ferulic, salicylic and 3-O-etylo-ascorbic acid (a derivative of vitamin C).
Thanks to this the treatment acts as a strong anti-ageing factor, initiates a synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres and hyaluronic acid. It effectively reduces wrinkles, discolorations and remove flaccidity, so the skin looks glowing and young.


Sesderma Argipeel

Arginin is an amino acid created during fermentation and cleaning plant carbohydrates (sugar cane). Its particles are large, which prevents any irritations. Argipeel helps to exfoliate skin, increases inter-cell transport, improves skin tightness, reduces discolourations, without itching, stinging or burning.


Sesderma Lactipeel

Lactic acid is known for its moisturising activities, as it attracts water particles to stratum corneum and stimulates ceramide synthesis, improving epidermal barrier function.


Sesderma Azelac Peel

Chemical peeling which greatly improves oily skin with excess sebum, acne, rosacea and discolourations.

It contains a natural peeling ingredient, namely azelaic acid, which is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It diminishes sebum production and regulates the process of epidermis keratinization, thus preventing blackheads, which plays a significant role in acne treatment. This substance also positively affects skin with rosacea, by softening it and liquidating spots and clumps. It evens skin colour and controls melanin production. It can be used all year round, also in summer. The treatment can be applied during pregnancy.


Sesderma Ferulac Peel

The first patented system of nanosomic peels, with ferulic acids as the basic active substance.

Ferulac Peel is the latest generation rejuvenating peeling which used Lipoceutical nanotechnology liposome technology. The application of these two advanced technologies helps achieve the best results and make skin look clearly younger! Sun rays, pollution, smoking, but also factors such as stress and unbalanced diet lead to production of  free radicals, which damage important cell parts, like DNA or collagen, thus speeding the ageing process. Ferulic acid is a strong antioxidant, so it neutralises free radicals and damage they cause: mimic lines, wrinkles, dicolouration, dehydration and lack of firmness. The acid also acts as an anti-inflammatory substance and according to latest research it also prevents skin cancer.



  • photoageing of the skin,
  • sun discolouration, melasma,
  • wrinkles, loss of firmness,
  • acne,
  • dry, grey, tired skin.


Sesderma Mandelac

Mandelic acid peeling, coming from a hydrolysis of a bitter almond extract. It is commonly used to alleviate the symptoms of skin ageing caused by the sun, to balance skin colour and treat acne. This acid is good for sensitive skin, as its large-size particles enter the upper layer of the epidermis more slowly, without causing stinging or irritation. Mandelic acid is greatly capable of stimulating the creation of skin fibres, and this is why it is regularly used and ensured rejuvenating effect. It also prepares the skin for the application of nourishing substances.


Sesderma Orange Peel

An all-year refreshing and rejuvenating treatment for the face. The therapy is recommended in melasma, hyperpigmentation, skin ageing, acne and scars.

Orange Peel contains a high concentration of liposomal retinaldehyde, which turns into retinoic acid fast, and thanks to it the regenerative effect on deeper skin layers is obtained sooner with minimum exfoliation.

As the product stays on the skin for 4 hours and is intensive orange in colour, we recommend taking the treatment when it is convenient for the client.


Sesderma Retises

An express repair treatment based on retinol. It nourishes the skin, helps to fight the occurrence of wrinkles, makes the existing ones shallower and the skin more firm. Additionally, retinol alleviates sun blotches.


  • discolourations,
  • symptoms of skin ageing,
  • after sun damage,
  • post-acne changes,
  • in combination with other rejuvenating, repair and depigmentation treatments.


Sesderma SPA Peel Classic

The formula of SPA Peel is based on synergy of its elements: salicylic acid, pyruvic acid and retinoic acid. Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin quickly, pyruvic acid is anti-bacterial and prevents skin dehydration, and retinoic acid stabilises sebum excretion.


  • after sun skin damage,
  • mimic wrinkles,
  • rough skin,
  • acne,
  • oily skin,
  • post-acne scars,
  • introduction to other treatments.


Nanopore Turbo Roller

An electric device for induction and regeneration of skin collagen. With NANOPORE TURBO ROLLER we create microperforation, which is to increase the penetration of active substances. We tailor the treatment to the client’s skin needs, using a suitable mixture of serum.


  • wrinkles,
  • photo-ageing,
  • dilated pores,
  • pigmentation disorders,
  • balding,
  • lack of firmness.

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