Try Decleor rituals – unusual facial treatments!

Try out Decleor facial treatment. Seven-step Decleor rituals deeply relax the spirit and intensively nourish the skin, enclosing the psyche and physis into an unusually fragrant moist. Decleor facial treatments are preceded with back massage, which helps activate all the body’s energy.
Treatment Price
Aromaplasty A ritual preceded with back massage, suitable for every skin, particularlytired, grey and dull. Aromatherapy pressure, aromatherapy massage and aromatherapy drainage – three massage techniques used in this treatment help to get rid of toxins and relax. A unique warm mask of flax seeds, sunflower seeds and wheat sprouts returnes the skin its vitality and glow. 210zł
Orexcellence - anti - age treatment An intensive anti-wrinkle ritual which improves face contour and increases skin density. It is preceded with a back massage. Magnolia oil, extract of peony, litchi and rodiola rosea oil help to lighten up, firm and smoothen visible wrinkles. The ritual combines cream mask with innovative, deep movements of Pilates massage. 300zł
Oressence treatment – ritual for face and body A unique boost for wellbeing, personalised caring ritual for the face and body, which stimulates and restores energy balance. It activates three kinds of vital energy: flow, thoughts and biocell in order to achieve their perfect harmony. A relaxing body massage with a mixture of nine plant oils and a three-stage face massage – aromatherapy pressure, aromatherapy drainage and aromatherapy massage and face mask with flax and sunflower seeds and wheat sprouts is a fantastically relaxing combination for both body and minds and provides smoothness and moisture to the skin. 350zł
Vitality for the eyes A specialist ritual for the eyes which removes tiredness and age signs. A delicate peel, aromatic draining massage and revitalising mask with polysaccharides from algae and phytosqualan from olive oil remove shades and dark circles, smooth out wrinkles and moisten delicate skin. 150zł
Aromamoisturising – express moisturising treatment A relaxing facial treatment with peel, three-stage massage with etheric oils (aromatherapy pressure, aromatherapy drainage and aromatherapy massage) and moisturising mask with an extract from violet, samophire and neroli oil. 160zł
Aroma cleansing – express cleansing treatment A relaxing facial treatment with a scrub, three-phase massage with etheric oils (aromatherapy pressure, aromatherapy drainage and aromatherapy massage) and a cleansing mask with green clay, extract from chamomile and grapefruit. 160zł
Lift joga – lifting ritual A ritual preceded with a back massage. It firms the skin, improves its tightness, prevents flaccidity. The face massage is performed during the treatment LIFT JOGA on a lift-and-filling mask with iris absolute and lavender oil. The massage includes intensive, deep smoothening, clapping and draining, which strengthen muscle fibres, improve skin tightness and density and support toxin elimination. The treatment leaves the face well nourished, glowing, fine lines are smoothed out and the face contour is more pronounced. 180zł