Treatment Price
Eyebrow Henna 130 zł

Zamów bon

Brow henna was created mainly for the women who cannot enjoy natural and full brows.
Brow henna is a natural plant substance obtained from the Lawsonia species. Thanks to a simple composition of vitamins and minerals the product acts not only as a good dye, but also cares for skin and hairs. Thanks to this henna does not adversely affect hair structure. As every cosmetic, brow henna may cause an allergic reaction, so at least 48 hours before the planned treatment a skin test should be performed.
The effect lasts 14 days on skin, and even 6 weeks on brow hairs.

Who should not use the treatment:

  • skin inflammation,
  • heavy forms of acne,
  • purulent discharges,
  • open skin injuries,
  • recent treatments on face skin (chemical peels, acids, microdermabrasion),
  • intolerance of substance components,
  • skin allergies.


Post-treatment recommendations:

  • do not wash brows in water for 24h from the treatment,
  • do not swim or use a sauna for 24h from the treatment,
  • to ensure a longer effect before removing makeup apply oil to protect the henna from water.