Image Skin Care – facial care

Image skincare formulations are based on the scientific achievements in the field of dermatology, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. The Image designers’ idea was to create a potent formulation that reaches the deepest layers of the epidermis, which is why we offer our clients a full course of treatment (treatment + preparations for use at home). Image Skincare is an American brand created by people with passion. The creators of the brand are Janna Ronert and her husband, Dr. Marc Ronert. The laboratory of Image Skincare is located in Palm Beach, Florida. The Image Skincare brand is at the forefront of the American list of the most effective cosmeceutical products. The main task of the preparations of this brand is the reduction of wrinkles, the repair of damage caused by UV radiation, maintaining an optimal level of hydration and stimulating skin renewal processes. The Image Skincare preparations are devoid of parabens, silicones, colorants, additional flavors.

Stenders – body care

The products are manufactured by hand with natural ingredients: vegetable oils and plant extracts, essential oils, dried plants, and the production process is based on the deep knowledge of aromatherapy.

Beauty Creation of Nature

Line Beauty Creation was inspired by the centuries-old knowledge and traditions from around the world. It provides extraordinary performance in the interests of the beautiful body and the harmony of body and soul.


Thal’ion, within 10 years of its rapid development, has become a leader in the production of marine cosmetics. It is the only brand focusing the full and complementary process of production from algae catch up to the final stage of production and the creation of a cosmetic product. The THAL’ION Lab, a leading expert in marine cosmetics and thalassotherapy, included the most precious treasures of the deep sea in professional rituals and unique products, offering your skin health, relaxation and unique beauty. We invite you to have a unique journey.. Dive into the depths of the ocean, smell, taste and the color of the sea depths, experience true emotions…

It presents new opportunities for care and relaxation of the body, affecting all of the senses of the human body. The offered treatments reap the active ingredients from nature, with plenty of vitamins, flavors, colors and smells. Each procedure is enriched with a specialized therapeutic massage. It enhances the effects of cosmetic products, restores harmony and well-being.

The new GelColor from O.P.I

Is a cutting-edge technology of products we have never ever had. It’s a dream come true for nail stylists. It is customers’ delight with the color, gloss, express performing and absolute security for nails! The difference between the old methods of lasting manicure and GelColor is compelling and immediately visible!

NOTE! GelColor is not a hybrid nail polish! It is a mild breathable gel, non-binding tightly to the nail, so it does not destroy the nail plate. This new generation of gel formed in the OPI laboratory is the first in the world! The hybrid gel is a combination of gel molecules tightly compressed with the addition of nail polish. It is difficult to be removed, indifferent to the plate and requires thorough nail preparation.


The inventor of Revitalash recipe is Dr. Michel Brinkenhoff. It was a special gift for his wife, Gayle, who was recovering from the treatment for breast cancer metastasis. The intensive chemotherapy damaged her once beautiful eyelashes that became brittle and thin. Dr. Brinkenhoff, on the basis of his expertise and over 25 years of experience in the profession of optician, created, in collaboration with a team of talented chemists, the Revitalash conditioner which makes the eyelashes spectacularly longer, thicker and more beautiful. The Revitalash offer, apart from the eyelash conditioner, covers a mascara, a nursing base for mascara, a hair conditioner and an anti-wrinkle makeup base.


The Allpresan Fuss Spezial series are professional German products for podology, providing the feeling of comfort to tired feet. The preparations are designed for special care and cleansing dry, very dry, flaky, sensitive, keratinized and prone to fungal infections and sweating skin. Extremely pleasant creams in the form of a foam perfectly protect and moisturize the skin and ensure particularly easy application.

A World of Oils

A World of Oils is a highly valued SPA brand which offers unique rituals based on care habits from Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania. Exclusive candles, oils and natural massage products offered by A World of Oils are based on hypoallergenic ingredients and pure aromatherapeutic oils.